Overtime: Matt Schlapp, Noah Mayer Defends Her New Yorker Story 2 weeks ago   07:56

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Bill and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.

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Comments 1062 Comments

darren lew
I got such a huge crush n MKH. She's so ridiculously likable its hard to quantify.
Richard Bucker
However, people would not know how to monetize their PII and if they did they would not how to get the best value... and after it's oversold it'll have no value.
Is it me or the women in green look like bodybuilder or at least in very good shape
Pfft. Republicans for free markets? Try telling that to diabetics seeing a 700% increase in their price of insulin due to the "competition" between the 3 pharma companies that make it. All BS, no action.
Matt Schlapp is such a fucking moron. America became less competitive even it's richest citizens and corporations legally hide their money overseas, instead of putting their money back into America.
Herman Wilhelm
On the highness of companies, after Apple updated my phone so it won't work unless I upgrade, I no longer buy any Apple products. And if any other company does this go me, I will no longer buy any of their products if I have to go without. No company exports me.
Oneki Isekpe
even bill maher has just bought into the nonsense idea that " I am a racist, or close my eyes to trump's racism" because some liberal idiot complained about me having white privilege. to say people voted trump because of political correctness is not something we should be giving ear to. it is an excuse. A liberal shouting white privilege does not make a good person racist. It makes a good person figuratively smack that liberal with good arguments. if you overlooked all of trump's racist flaws then you are racist.
Mohammad HZ
Americans are just the fucking worse! What a bunch of cunts.
Michael Steel has this very annoying (at least annoying to me) "UPTALK". Every statement, sentence ends in a rising intonation-as if he is constantly questioning himself.
The Golden Greek
Mary Katharine Ham would make a good episode of fake taxi.
cindy hatch
Black man with a joint shouldn't get more time than these white lieing, cheating crooks
cindy hatch
Didn't trump threatened all republicans not to run against him or was it 'no balls' republicans are afraid to run against trump?
Bill Heuber
Paul manafort should be in prison until he dies! The reason he isn't is because he's a buddy of trumptard and he is fucking rich! If I would have done these exact same things at 52, I would be in prison until I die! So the judicial system and the government can kiss my poor, hairy white ass!! 🖕
Bill Heuber
I apologize for this right off the bat! I honestly know I shouldn't say this! But that young lady is absolutely stunning! And I shouldn't have to apologize for that! 🖕
Why does Ham keep leaning away from Steele? Is this the typical racism of repigs?
Hogan in a Republican presidential primary? His abortion platform is disqualifying. Unless he starts "evolving" on the issue , his candidacy is dead on arrival.
Abe Kaminsky
There is as much political correctness on the right, as there is on the left. To call someone a social justice warrior, implies they are against free markets, for stringent rules governing regulation, free health care, free education, etc. and realistically, Republicans are correct. Social justice warriors due want that for people who are not seen as important members of society. And trust me, people who have lots of money and power care very little about those who do not have as much, in terms of material possessions. Unfortunately, people with similar class status, turn against each other, This allows those who control the majority of wealth, to maintain their status. This maybe a generalization,, but to fight injustice, one needs to think of creating an ideology built on a collective conscience, as corporations do. Kinda of like what Bernie Sanders is attempting to do. Not on creating hate or fear, but rather creating equal access to basic human needs. I am goin schluffin.
hans mueller
as Democrats we have to be realistic that our party is weak and the ticket we are running on , of free shit for everyone is going to scare a lot of moderates
Joe Schmoe
Clinton passed the balanced budget act with every republican voting against it. Bill doesn’t have the native intelligence to call that out.
Mary Catherine Ham is hot!!!
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Mayer Defends Her New Yorker Story Overtime: Matt Schlapp, Noah 2 weeks ago   08:37

Chris Hayes asks Jane Mayer whether her article influenced Shine's decision to leave his job as White House Communications Director.
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Mayer Defends Her New Yorker Story In The Wake Of Shine Quitting The White House | All In | MSNBC