College Admissions Game Video WHY “A” STUDENTS WORK FOR “C” 4 months ago   04:18

Leslie Keller
This video from Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, CA illustrates it is not only grades that factor into college admission decisions.

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Rickey Ye
4.0 not 10%
Gino Abboud
Fuck that girl with the 2.8
De Eas
If you're white move back 1 space. If you're asian, move back 2 spaces
Rhyno Souris
Hey, what about the Body Mass Index? That should be worth 2 spaces.
Donald Soles
Yeah this video is clearly bullshit.
Ethan Dude
Rose's are red
Violets are blue
Theres always an Asian
Better than you
Charlie Lewis
The person in last moved up all the way to the front in every video on the last question is that a coincidence
The 95 Percent
Sis with the 2.8 GPA got CALLED 👏🏻 OUT 👏🏻. It’s truly baffling that the system is so influenced by how much money you have
Erick Coffee
Some questions don’t even matter
Chloe Morris
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Malena Cazon
I'm grateful that in my country university iss free and I don't have to pass trhu that shit
Frieda Liu
Anyone else wish that the GPAs moved from lowest to highest by going left to right rather than the other way around? I feel like highest should have been on the right idk
DatsMyDab -Minecraft - And- More
Why do they have bad gpa's
what am i doing with my life ?
Your GPA doesn't affect much of if you go to college or not , as long as you meet the requirements
That was rly mean this wasn’t a game
okay so i can get a barley passing gpa and get into any college as long as my parents buy the library. cool!
Sister Sister
These are all really specific
Riya M
if your gay and thats what your college essay was about, move up 10 spaces
Rooting for the 2.8 girl cuz I’m basically her
Marsha Brightly
wealthy and well rounded student gonna get the chair to the top college
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WHY “A” STUDENTS WORK FOR “C” College Admissions Game Video 4 months ago   05:45

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New Version of this Video:

Hello everyone and welcome to another rocking video/article by Beginner Tuts! Today I’m going to be talking about how I recently felt like a blind man seeing the Sun for the first time: trust me dear viewers, after reading the book “Why A Students Work For C Students”, you will definitely be getting the same feelings and vibes.

In his book, the author Robert Kiyosaki talked about a strange new principle: he believes that schools and colleges release a batch of employees, and in them, there will be the ‘A Students’, the ‘B Students’ and the ‘C Students’. Kiyosaki explains that even though the A Students are the ones who study well, memorize well, and give the best tests, they end up being employed by the C Students, that is, the creative thinkers, dreamers, and future entrepreneurs of the batch. And guys as weird as it may sound, this theory is in most cases true: the C students, that is the backbenchers who have failed a thousand times before finally succeeding in making their own business, become more financially stable than the others. Having failed so many times in their life already, these people knew how to tackle it in their career and were unafraid to take the risk of setting up a new business – a characteristic that is somewhat lacking in a top tier student for whom failure may be a foreign concept. I already talk about this in my other post of “Finding your passion to get successful“. Or you can check out Robert’s Book here: “Rich Dad Poor Dad“.

Now let’s take a second away from Kiyosaki’s theory and talk about another concept, one I am sure that the majority of you watching this video are familiar with: the parent theory. Study hard, get A’s, find a job, buy a house, buy a car… the parent theory goes something along the lines of this. But the flaw in this theory is that it doesn’t let a child find and nurture his own unique gift, and neither does it make them financially stable in the future. If parents could focus on personal development motivation for their children instead, help them find the path they can walk on with genuine love and passion, in the long run, it would be much more beneficial than a stamped piece of paper with a test grade.

In our rapidly advancing world, every graduate wants the things he has been taught to want – the job, the house, the car – and they believe that using the money and investing it into a nice car or home is an asset. In Kiyosaki’s book, we learn that this is not the case. Dear viewers, if you add up the tax payments, fuel expenses, and whatnot, you shall soon understand that these expenses are the reason you are close to getting bankrupt and very, very far from becoming rich. There are far more lucrative ways to invest your money and I will be doing you the massive favor of naming some. If you wanna pay zero tax this year? then check out this book “Zero Taxes“.

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