The BEST goal from every Amazing Team Work & Tiki-Taka 5 months ago   05:25

Major League Soccer
Check out each team's best regular season goal from 2017. Disagree with our list? Let us know in the comments.

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Sebastian Villegas
Revolution's goal was just a header lmao
Lol not yo Jayhawks
Where’s dc
Tyrone Cunningham
Just give it to David Villa already. Wonder goal.
Andrew Thompson
When new englands is just a header 😂
David Accam's goal was not even good... that didnt take any skill, just bad defending
даже в пиндоссии на футбол ходят больше людей, чем в россии
Pizza Plays
Kaka or David vila or nagbe!
Mixalis G
These goals are very impressive and I like to see America play Football. But...Americans have a lot to learn about real FOOTBALL. Have your best team play against Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and many, many more...(even the Europa League Class Teams) and you will see how many goals you will score.
David Schilling
For Columbus crew, what about when Harrison Afful, juked 5 players all inside the box and still scored the goal against NYCFC? Also for NYCFC What about the one where David Villa had a great chest trap and manage to twist his entire body and volley it into the goal despite him facing the opposite direction of the goal, and the ball in front of him. Idk which of Villa's goals are better, the one in the video or the one I just described.
riley coleman
I can watch Villa over and over
Where is Alanta united
Gaming and More
David villa looks a lot different from his Barcelona days.
Ba6ee5 -WM
I don’t need to watch this i already know who’s number 1
markus rose
still la galaxy lol
cactus jack
damn the best goals where from foreigners lol we need to step our game up
Erik Carlson
Who is here after ibra went to la galaxy
Ya Yeet
Mezquida with the best goal
Daddy BaRrY BeE BeNsOn
The fact that the goal from San Jose was that goal shows how bad of a team they are lol
Football not sooccer
A new king coming on LA :)
Zadkovich Raj
Is it just me or does the MLS produce so many of these kind of goals because it seems like the kind of league where you've got good attackers who can then try all these outrageous combinations and touches because they know the defence isn't too great

Unique combination of money, Latino flair and US way of doing sport?
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Amazing Team Work & Tiki-Taka The BEST goal from every 5 months ago   05:19

amazing team plays & goals from this season