How To Make AK-74 That Shoots 8 AMAZING FIRE TRICKS YOU SHOULD 10 months ago   14:29

How To Make a AK-74 That Shoots Bullets (Cardboard Gun) Toy DIY.

- be made with Cardboard, Paper, Popsicle Stick, Wooden Bamboo Skewers.

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Azeem Syed
what is this yaaaar this is very fast please make it slowly
Paul An
Dani Gggg
Pleas make wan for my
u mean AK-47??
한국인이신거같은뎁... 본드에도 한글써있고
Prosto Pac
This is a nerf
Helen Rachel
Beryl M762!!!!!!
Helen Rachel
Anyone wants me to make first video mini 14 from pubg?
Natalya Roberts
That footage is blurry and it looks like the Bullet is coming from a different direction, like someone else in the background shot so it could look like you did it. watch the video at the lowest speed.
Lakshay verma
Wow so nice
Ok my
ultimate hunter
make a walther ppt or a scar-H😃
Littlebickmicke y
this is a AK47 xD
Пацан с очками и сигаретой
Cool, but it is AKS-74 (but not aks-74u)
Jack the Gestapo
bolt action ak-47 lol
AK 47 조하!!!!
Shubhashni Dubey
you can make 3 wheel steering system front wheel streeing 4 wheel streeing and crab Streeing
memez censored
Measurments or templates please???
Mr. ilyasse
What name of last music
Allan Patrick da Silva Rodrigues
Nem e tutorial vey
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8 AMAZING FIRE TRICKS YOU SHOULD How To Make AK-74 That Shoots 10 months ago   06:40

Enjoy these 8 AMAZING fire tricks, like and subscribe if you like what you see.

IMPORTANT: There are two points in the video where it states that methonol was used, this was a spelling mistake and it should have said methanol.

WARNING: Attempting to recreate any of the fire experiments within this video can be very dangerous. I'm not recommending it, but If you choose to do so, make sure you're accompanied by an adult and that you understand the dangers of any chemicals involved and that you're in a well-ventilated space.

00:11 Steel wool vs 9v battery
00:41 Rubbing alcohol ignited in large bottles
01:22 Candle water vacuum
01:55 Fire in bottle pressure trick
02:20 Flaming hand
03:15 Fire tornado
04:56 Bottle rocket
05:46 Flying teabag

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