Michael Jordan "Hall Of Fame" Michael Jordan Mix: Fly Like 3 months ago   04:15

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extreme gamer
Mj the best nba player of all time wish he was still playing in the nba
Eyman Elzubair
I play like Michael jordan🏀🏀
This the real goat of basketball
maria arambula
I subscribe
jai jai
king james is the goat
Miriam Gray
2018 anyone
Manuel Contreras
Yes hall of fame 👊👌✌
youness akrim
is realy jordan reatired at 2015?
Redpanda Gamez X
I still like Chicago bulls
I wish people would stop saying Lebron is the GOAT over Michael. No way. Lebron's stats are mind blowing and he's phenomenal and a freak with freakish physical attributes but MJ just had the "it" factor, clutch, never shying away from big time game winning shots, played in a more physical era, played w/ better basketball players and didn't have the "4 step to the hoop" luxury James has. Lebron is the 2nd best player of all time. Nothing wrong with that!!
Justus Martinez
MJ flies
A Kittur
lovely MJ
Michael Jordans story is so inspirational (size don't matter) cause he wasn't able to make his highschool basketball team cause he was "short" and the coach and people on the basketball team laughed at him but look where he is now the best player in the world
Oliver Suarez
El más grande rey de reyes
Brandon Smith
Jordan is the best athlete y do u think dey made a movie about space jam and like Mike because he is the greatest that ever did and never gave up on his dreams his clothes and shoes will sale forever
Mr.Random Jono
No one is ever gonna be MJ again
Jordan is The Only GOAT! If you say kobe or lebron or anyone else is better, they could never do what he casually does. Search for some amazing facts about him. Most of them are just so amazing, they're damn near impossible.
Andrew Rofa
Jordan is the best just like Kobe but I think Jordan is better
Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player I have seen. He is phenomenal, he is the best no question. Kobe Bryant was amazing too, but I think Jordan is better
Carterkvlogs Kuhn
It's like Michael invented the slam dunk
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Michael Jordan Mix: Fly Like Michael Jordan "Hall Of Fame" 3 months ago   04:56

The best highlights from His Airness, Michael Jordan. Music from Seal.