Jawa Motorcycles The Legend Returns!! Jawa 42 Walkaround Review In English 7 months ago   05:25

Dino's Vault
Now all of us are rejoicing about the Legend Returning- Jawa Motorcycles, but what's it like to ride the Original Authentic Jawa from the 60s and the 70s. I Pay Tribute to One of the Legendary Motorcycles Ever - Jawa!!
Video talks about the inception, the legacy of the brand, and I also give you a glimpse of the new models that are all set to hit the market.
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Dino's Vault
Yamaha RX100 Tribute Video: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/RqiFUMLb1GH
pavan kumar
Does it get hit at the speed breakers..i had booked jawa 42 and little bit worried about ground clearance.. Can someone advise
jimmy sanjana
I rode one from new to over 100000 km. changed only the piston rings once. No trouble at all .
Jawa is a joke,now
C,mon give me a break
leno gm
Superb video. Very nostalgic. Pure... Raw... Beautiful... Thats Jawa...
Thanks Dino very nice tribute ! I grow up around this bikes back home in CzechoSlovakia. I would love to buy one of the new pieces hope Mahindra will start to export the around the world ASAP !!! best
Fazil Ersath
Hi dino...
What about the mileage of this new jawa 42 machine? Can you give some clarity..?
Race wings
Bro..Dino.havent u reviewed the new jawa?
Amit Tirkey
Legend is back
Cawnpore Vlogger
Katappa mama ❤️❤️
Papu Changmai
Love from Assam
Pratique Sadawarte
Hi Dino. When will you be reviewing new JAWAS... Cant wait to be reviewed by you... Please review soon. Need to book one. Thanks.
Murali Raj
bro...eppo..new jawa review pannuveenga....im ...waiting....
Awesome bike
Sharath Reddy
What a profound review , it really evinces true love love towards motorcycle. background music is incredibly impressive.👍🏻
I trust your genuine reviews, Dino you are the best.✌️😎
Manoj S J
Super tribute in Dino's style
Enjoyed it
I have a doubt what's the gear pattern of old Jawa and why to shift the gear from heels
plo 3238
It hasn't returned it is made with fake concept
Mahindra is using mojo engine
Feel sad jawa name is just used to make money
Nothing unique about new jawa it's jus has a flop bike Mojo's engine
Missed the old jawa
Sandeep S
Sadly..new ones don't sound the same..
Sandeep S
I have a 71 as well....my dad's...
Still his, always his....
Manjunath Naidu
This video is a poem...! Literally!!
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Jawa 42 Walkaround Review In English Jawa Motorcycles The Legend Returns!! 7 months ago   14:53

A walkaround review of the new Jawa 42 motorcycle in english. SInce we are bound by an embargo for the next couple days, this review doesn't speak about any opinions. Tells you in detail about the motorcycle's exhaust note, seat height, features, specifications and all other details.