I asked out my TEACHER and this happened... A Day in The Life of Jeff Bezos (Richest 3 months ago   10:04

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Avery Spotswood
Hey, tell me. Is she good lookin..?? 😏
IB Cloak
Ms. Khalifa is your teacher a porn star
Cesar Dallan
Ms.khalifa 😂😂😂were is khalifa
Double recorder Yay
how can he read the text before it sends?
Kayden Herring
Egg plant emoji means dick
Joseph Martinez
Ur so fucking stupid
cotto4040 nick
Christan Hernandez
Why does this text the same people every time
Gamergirl123 Du plessis
How old is Ms.Khalifa??
Brayden Payne
Isn’t it Mia khalifa
lol lol lol lol is what I am doing
Look at the emojis for the contact
Kracke N
As you can tell, this is not fake. When he said what she typed before she sent it was obvious that he used his telepathic powers. When he is not making YouTube videos, he is preforming his Jedi training
Nemorio Castelan
Weird nor weird
Kawaii Corn
soo he wants to go out with a teacher thats barley married oml!!
Michael Mernagh
Good video

Here one of a movie of mine we was working on
Shabootse Carter
Shabootse Carter
Zalen Harris
No way she said that
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A Day in The Life of Jeff Bezos (Richest I asked out my TEACHER and this happened... 3 months ago   13:40

Here is an inside look at the daily life and routine of the world's richest person, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

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A Day in The Life of Jeff Bezos (Richest Person In The World)