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I Asked Out My Teacher And This Happened... | A Day In The Life Of Jeff Bezos (Richest - At Up-Tube.com

I asked out my TEACHER and this happened... A Day in The Life of Jeff Bezos (Richest 6 months ago   10:04

Arman Hossain
If this video gets 50,000 likes I’ll upload the date!

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Entertainment Purposes Only

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Arman Hossain
Like and subscribe!
Abdul Moeed
Make sure you dont get caught....and million people know
If this was fake he would have hesitated.... why would you got out with Your teacher and why the hell would your teacher give her students her number (and it’s mrs not ms smart one)

wtf is this fake shit
Abraham Felipe
Arman upload the date
Khizar Mustfa
Fuck indigo fake clogs
Khizar Mustfa
Fake🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥fuck offfffffff
Bangtan Army
Boy i dont know who you can fool
And how can you read a text when its not even texted. Its a TOTAL FAKE
danila dementjev
2:58 after “HE” texts me
Victor Agha
How did she know it was Arman who texted her in the first place!
Aidy Madd
So what happened Arman, did you fuck her......??
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
*This is so fake. First 'she' tell you that "she has a financee" and just few seconds later, "can't wait to get some"!?* 😂
Adnan Music
That's ur mom or a friend, Arman we, aren't dumb
Adnan Music
U srsly dumb that's a scam for likes
Aron Stone
Your teacher is a gold digger lol
Leviathan Actual
This is Buuuuuuulllllll shit, not even bullshit lama shit
Bob Clinton
This is so fake, it makes me wanna join flat earth society.
suppose this is real, which i doubt.
you baited her... so fuck off, you idiot...
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A Day in The Life of Jeff Bezos (Richest I asked out my TEACHER and this happened... 6 months ago   13:40

Here is an inside look at the daily life and routine of the world's richest person, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

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A Day in The Life of Jeff Bezos (Richest Person In The World)

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