People Only Care About I Was in a Diet Competition That Nearly 1 day ago   10:24

"She treats people like slaves She gets away with it because she's the teacher's pet. They love her because she's always first at everything. But tonight this will change."

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Bee is the popular girl in school. She believes she is Queen because of the clothes she has, the accessories she buys and the expensive materials around her. Nan is naturally a gifted Thai dancer (Mor lam is a traditional Thai Dance style incorporating Thai musical instruments and a unique dance. The clothing, music, and dance that are seen in the video are a small example of this dance style) and although she's great, she wants to also be accepted by her peers. To do that, she believes she too needs the same dress, accessories, and attire as Bee. But does she really?

In this story, we learn that all the material goods that people long for are just distractions from your true abilities and happiness. People constantly compare themselves to other people, but have you ever compared yourself in a way that makes you happy? It's important to remember who you are and your goals in life. There will always be people who try to get the better of you. Try to beat you or push you down. But as long as you remain strong, stay true to yourself, those people will soon realize that perhaps, they are wrong.


Script: Marc Schwyn
Storyboard 1: Toey
Storyboard 2: Milk Witchayada
Recording: Milk Witchayada
Voice: Sherrie Shan
Editing: Chris Haldenby

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MT tsaka
Shika N
Nan and Pang talking sound like me talking to myself in my head

Me: Too Bad You Can’t Buy Your Personality
Heather Bolam
My name is heather and l have a funny storie l had a chirsh on a boy how was different from you and me he was a goth but he was so cute he all was has been in black for his hill life cut ones l saw him wearing everything cut block and he was so so. CUTE I talk eneryone so the next dau so the next day I told him that I saw him without any black on and then I said maybe we can go out sometime and he said no he said no so so then so then after the 2 years after a few days he actually came to school without wearing black and I said why aren't you why aren't you wearing goth so then he said and he said I just wanted to change it up a little bit and I said ok New Year new start on Wednesday he he came up to me and he asked me if you would if I would go out with him and guess what I said I said yes and then we started dating for about a year and then we and then we got into a argument and then we broke up but I'm still working after trying the right guy for me and that's ok and guys I just wanted to tell you that they have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince it basically means that you have to find the right person for yourself thank you for listening to my story and don't forget to subscribe and guys if if if f love you so
FlegSlav //JimDSB HardbassFanatic
They love to change titles
Sandra Octora
They looks Indonesian.
Riya Sinha
7:16 That sound is so familar and soothing. Like flute sound travelling in the forest .
Rem Rawt
Oh do anyone read *True Beauty* from webtoon?
Wtf is the background music lol
Eve Oni
I want to talk about my story
Na Vita
Thai cloth are the same to cambodain cloth.
Elen Davtyan
Is this Cambodian?
Omg.. I've never seen an animation related to Thai style before xD
funny kitty
her friend is a good advisor I need a friend like that
BTS Bitch
One thing to say to you. STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF
Earth to May
....I've heard this voice.
Lilieth Fox
Soon later she makes a video about her crying about bing cut off
Aldo Paulino
I wish i could send my story here, but it seems that we don't get to send audio clips... That's kinda sad :/
cheinj yirneim
Oh god, it's Thailand. It's gonna destroy Cambodia :O
Antonina Potapchuk
My friend is a goblin ahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahaha
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I Was in a Diet Competition That Nearly People Only Care About 1 day ago   09:32

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When normal people look at the fitness models on magazines, the girls on Instagram, or anyone we see on the billboards, it always makes us feel bad about ourselves. "Why don't we look like them?" Some people go as far as to try to compete with others online to see how much weight they can lose. It ends up not being about looking or feeling good anymore, it's end up being more about winning. Until they're hospitalized....