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Perched on the edge of Grand Canyon, a surprising stone tower celebrates ancient mysteries of the Southwest.

The Desert View Watchtower is a monument to a time, a place and a people. Discover what inspired architect Mary Colter to build the Watchtower in 1932, and the significance it has to the many tribes that call Grand Canyon home.

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Produced by the National Park Service in association with Bristlecone Media and Grand Canyon Association, the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park.

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How Dew You Dew?
Idk if these people actually believe what they are telling Regardless of what we have been told, Mary Coultier did not design or build anything there. They show us a couple guys moving one rock and try and deceive us and neglect to tell us that the civilization that built these energy generating structures are erased from our history. So sad to see our history hidden and the world we live in completely fabricated bs . All they did here was turn a few old structure into theme parks and tourist attractions Mary Coultier.yea ok. Absolute nonsense All I see here is new work lies,and a money making tourist trap! These structure were built to produce energy 100s of years before Edison or any of that bs, That’s why we are lied to
سمير سمير
وين بتصير هاي لبلد في حدى عربي يترجم
ImBroken LikeUmadeMe
love it so much beauty and serenity
Secret Lee
Beautiful view ...........of a FLAT horizon...........only the surface is FLAT.......the first nation knows it's a FLAT earth.........why don't you?......................
Wait is that the curvature of the earth I see on the horizon?
Well there goes flat earth theory
Wild Beauty
Absolutely beautiful!! Enjoyed this video immensely!!
J Burnett
Love the canyon. Can't magic.
Mitchell Albrecht
I've been up in that tower. The art work (petroglyphs & such) are very cool. The view is pretty good from there too.
Christopher Isac
Their are towers like that in China.
Charlie Sill
Having been to the tower only once before the change over in management...I am happy the footprint of the merchandise area has been lessened. It is an incredible space to enjoy now without all the clutter.
Wayne Ranney
This series is so well done and helps to portray the canyon in ways words cannot. These are amazing videos - thank you!
Very nice, but I was disappointed that no mention was made of the Navajo sand painting on the ground floor of the Watchtower that the NPS now sees fit to cover with a tarp and keep hidden from the public. It's a beautiful piece of art and very few people will otherwise have the opportunity to ever see one.
Robert Mark
Susan Emory
The Desert View Watchtower is one of my favorite places on earth. Thank you for the virtual visit. We must return soon. Makes me "homesick" ... nothing like being there, to experience the wonder! I even miss the fresh crisp smell ...
Thank you for this video! I love Mary Colter's work and it is nice to see a video focusing so much on it (as well as the stunning landscape!).
A beautiful tribute to a fascinating place in American history. Breathtaking photography to gild a magnificent monument! What an eye this photographer has for national parks with luscious landscapes.
Ron Mader
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What sensitive locations along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park are restricted to all visitors - be they boaters or hikers?