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The Grinch is a holiday classic. Through all the versions that have been made, one thing remains consistent. The Grinch, overcome by holiday cheer, has a change of heart... a BIG change. A 3 size difference, in fact. That can't be healthy! Today Loyal Theorists, we are giving the Grinch a check up to see if he should even be ALIVE at the end of this movie!

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Mathieu Lecompte
Mat, You put joy in my life. At the end of an hard day, having a new theory , whether game or film , is like a mini Christmas 🎄. It really soothes my soul. My father passed 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t tell you enough how these small moments of joy have made a difference. Thank you Mat.
Thanksgiving is only ethically compromised if your an over sensitive moron.
Andie Olsen
in the third grinch movie he is happy in his own way.
Everything Is Mythical
MatPat i don't have $599 in general so I'm going to the dollar tree
Planet Monsters
Do that theory.about what is the grinch
The Meme King
Arvhey Alcantara
wish we get that here in Japan that sweet headphones
Lava Rock
Mat pat is fat like a cat that just ate a rat
Me after watching this video:
Why do you wish to hide this video?

[ ] I am a troll
[ ] insert reasonable reason
[X] I am in this video and I don't like it

I am the Grinch
The Cantaloupe c:
I'm so sad about Zelda botw... After I finished the Devine beasts I got so sad...
Poor Grinch! There must be a Who Doctor some Where in town ❄☁🌨🏔🎁🎄🎉🎊🐸🐕 ! ! !
Jonathan Ramirez
It's lonely being a theory all this year RIP Matpat
Swoncos Bread hours
Special Agent Washing Tub
0:07 Oh, buddy, don't worry. You're _supposed_ to look deeper into Dr. Seuss stories. Just _look_ at The Lorax.
Kylie Dyer
$600 headphones.... yea no thanks matpat. I’d like to buy headphones and keep my wallet with at least some scrap of money.
Star King
Well, thanks to this video, I think I have chronic fatigue syndrome... time for a trip to the doctor!
Aeron T
Are you really a father
Dante Banducci
Ethically compromised holiday of Thanksgiving? Fuck off. Or better yet, please turn of the TV and learn something on the matter OUTSIDE of radical Leftist dogma.
Charles Mann
can you?
Jayson Sierra
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Film Theory: Did Rick CLONE Film Theory: How Christmas BROKE 2 months ago   08:39

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