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The Grinch is a holiday classic. Through all the versions that have been made, one thing remains consistent. The Grinch, overcome by holiday cheer, has a change of heart... a BIG change. A 3 size difference, in fact. That can't be healthy! Today Loyal Theorists, we are giving the Grinch a check up to see if he should even be ALIVE at the end of this movie!

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Mathieu Lecompte
Mat, You put joy in my life. At the end of an hard day, having a new theory , whether game or film , is like a mini Christmas 🎄. It really soothes my soul. My father passed 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t tell you enough how these small moments of joy have made a difference. Thank you Mat.
Wow and look who was just about the watch the grinch...I’m gonna see it so different from now on
Tae cup
Those headphones are 599 dollars I CANT PAY THAT THAT IS WHAT I MAKE IN TWO YEARS
LoL I'm like ohh I want a pair of Dolby dimensions! xD then I look at the price tag 😂 $599??? Bruhhh
Duckie Harris
*PRESS F OVER 9999999999999 *
ChristyGrace TV
Can i make a channel called Book Theory? I'm really inspired by you MatPat.
Rainbow Candy
LogaN Plays
Wait I got a question for you. Your theory makes so much more sense than mine but I was thinking what if the grich is smoking cocaine, cocaine can cause high cholesterol which can lead to arrhythmias, it can be a symptom of impaired cardiac function and he smokes bc he is lonely and his heart growth is due to high cholesterol from cocaine which adds more adrenaline to his adrenaline when fearing the presents will fall and the Grinch goes to the mountains not because it's hard to get there but bc he can get a heat stroke from cocaine
kaedin king
See how everyone's a Hoo the Grinch is a what
Andrew Crossley
I like the music
Saffron Kirwan
Please check out wolflover 22
tis the season to write some theory
Julius Caesar Animates
poor guy...
Bennett Chan
The cake Sisters
Mat its a metaphor as in his heart has more love now
daniel Diaz
Your a smart one. Mrs matpat
Russel Myrick
Ok so as a fan of both Game Theory and Film Theory and only been able to binge watch both recently, and yes I haven't watched too much on GT Live (mostly because my service literally breaks when I try to load even a 25 min video let alone an hour long one, still love you guys continue the streams!!) I have but one question: WHAT DID JASON F***ING DO TO GET NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, BUT MULTIPLE TIMES GETTING SMACK TALKED ABOUT HIM AND COAL HANDED TO HIM?!?! LIKE SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY ATTACK JASON
Christina Lampman
Don't worry go see super horror brow he loves bendy by the way
Natalie Neal
About the noise thing... He actually made more noise to block the Christmas singing. Songs. Whatever.
Roy Villegas
I remember putting that last word on 1:58 back when it still was up for subtitles
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Film Theory: Did Rick CLONE Film Theory: How Christmas BROKE 4 months ago   08:39

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