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Bobby Hamilton Biography | 1966 Usac Langhorne 100 - At Up-Tube.com

Bobby Hamilton Biography 1966 USAC Langhorne 100 5 months ago   22:34

From the old Speed channel. A profile of NASCAR driver Bobby Hamilton who won races in all three of NASCAR's top divisions including 4 Winston Cup Series events and the 2004 Truck Series Championship.

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Bobby was one of the good guys and a heck of a race driver!
RIP Mr Hamilton you won't be forgotten.
Hartsville/Florence Homes Sherri Goode Realtor
He came to Darlington to do the test run under the lights. He was there with his square d truck and Jeff Gordon ran his cup car.. When he was done running his laps he did the best burn out I have seen. All the way down the front stretch. He did an interview in victory lane with Eli Gold.. They told us not to bother him after the interview. When the interview was over they try to usher him to another place. He immediately pulled away from the track official, pulled a sharpie out of his blues Jeans and started signing autographs. When he got to me I handed my yellow packer hat he signed it and gave back. It is one of most prized possessions.. He was just a down to earth cool guy... This is one of best nascar memories... Thank you Bobby Hamilton
Mr Ed Horse
Bobby Hamilton is the reason I'm a Nascar fan. Miss him
Ethan Taube
A hall of famer for sure on first ballet
TC Kocher
RIP Bobby. One of the last of the good ole boys. Im proud to call Tennessee my home.

Btw i never realized Bobby was exactly the same age as Dale Sr when he died.
I miss all the good ole boys in Nascar!!!! GANT, HAMILTON, MARLIN, to name a few. That was when racing was racing. This shit now is just a joke!!!
Kenneth Jeffries JR
Man I do miss that guy sadly there is no guys from that up bringing going into Nascar. For sure a underated driver in Nascar in all the series good guy .
Mark Chamberlain
I miss him and his son, I hope Bobby jr. is well i haven't seen or read anything in a long time. i would like to see more stories like this about the people who really put their all into this sport and made it. and if your family put you in a car and paid for everything that is ok by me because i think any dad would if they had the means, it doesn't mean you cant make them earn it and it sure doesn't mean you cant raise them to be good people. but for a lot of us we see somebody make it like Bobby and part of us makes it to because we were in the same spot but didn't reach the top.
Aric Snyder
BH pushed Earnhardt to last win
Aric Snyder
Greg Sacks drove the Trickle car too, not sure if people know NASCAR made camera cars quality, pass tech etc
He was a true gentleman..... from the first year he drove for Petty I would send him pictures my son would rip out of books and he would autograph them and send them back with a personal note for my son... and to show how much of a great man he was, every year on my sons birthday he would get a birthday card from him even though he had never met him , he took the time to make sure a little boy had a smile on his face for his birthday... now that my friends is the sign of a true human being who appreciated people and life
Kyle McNab
His passing was sad. Life is crazy
He did decent in Cup & ended up winning a few races, but he's like Skinner, T.Bodine, Musgrave & a few others, the type you can tell was MADE for the Truck Series. It's still shocking how quickly he went downhill from racing to a hospital bed. Both he & Steve Byrnes, from the very 1st time we heard they had cancer to the day they passed away was less than a year.
Jason Bunger
Thank you for posting this.
Joseph Bevacqua
It from 2006 or 2007
Christopher Haas
Unfortunately we will not be hearing any more stories like his. No more rags to riches in auto racing, just rich peoples kids ground from cookie cutters and quotas
Swine Brothers
underrated driver in my opinion
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1966 USAC Langhorne 100 Bobby Hamilton Biography 5 months ago   24:08

Dave Despain opens the video vault at ABC/ESPN to review the 100 mile USAC National Championship race at Langhorne PA held on June 12th 1966.

The race offers a look at the diversity of cars on the USAC 'Championshp Trail' in the mid 1960's. While the rear engine revolution was already in full swing, the race features a good look at some front engine holdouts like Don Branson in a Watson 'championship dirt' car and Jim Hurtubise in a Kuzma "roadster". You can also catch glimpses of other front engine cars driven by Carl Williams, Sam Sessions and Larry Dickson.

Noticeably absent from this race is A.J. Foyt who was recovering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns suffered in a practice crash at Milwaukee the previous weekend.

This was the 3rd USAC National Championship race held on the 1 mile paved surface at Langhorne . Jim McElreath swept both races on the new pavement in June and August of 1965 and is going for the three-peat at this event.

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