Katy Perry - Power (Audio) Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official 5 months ago   03:47

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Music video by Katy Perry performing Power (C) 2017 Capitol Records


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Enoch Posada
"I am my mothers daughter"-Katy Perry 2017
"Mothers Daughter"-Miley Cyrus 2019
Look whos stealing whos style now
anud Abdulla
I heard Nicki Minaj voice is that right 2:39
can you say legendaric
Bryan Marrero
Smokey Robinson
Noticiando Pop
Caballero Blog's
Like si te gusta Katy Perry
Caballero Blog's
Me gusta mucho Katy Perry
joyce evangelista
this is illuminatti
Crazy Average Asian
*Witness not just the glam , but the good , the bad and the ugly*

- Katy said in 0:56 Witness documentary trailer

So if you throw shade on her short hairstyle , said she cringe just because she make fun of herself , don't tell that you miss the "old Katy" and said happy she's back with *Never Really Over* , cause you're just a hypocrite , that abandon somebody just because he/she don't give you your desire and expectation , she is always her , there's no old and new , that's just another lovely side of her that you can't accept but we do

Your love is fake with terms & CONDITIONS , we are the true love that loving her *UNconditionally* *365* all the time and *Witness* her through her low and *RISE*

Just wait , fake lovers l, she'll *ROARing* once again and coming at ya like a *DARK HORSE*
Jesus Ortiz
2019 😘😘💙💙
De Cnijf Kris
no taht ain't it.
Cristian Mena
This song always remeber me her dog.. nugget ejejejeje I dont know why...
Muneeb Shah
This album made me a KATYCAT 😭❤️
Jennifer C
What I love most about this album is that many of the songs sound similar to some of her more well known hits off Teenage Dream. Power for instance gives me serious Who Am I Living For vibes and I’m here for it! ❤️
Daralong Phe
Listening to Alejandro new song and back to listen to this dang i am in love with this new type of music...
extraass gal
Katy your witness album takes me to another land (:
Official RandomThing
Thank you for existing Katy Perry💚🙏
Jose Arr
Justicia para Power y Save as draft
Luigis Magana
-2 years later...
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Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official Katy Perry - Power (Audio) 5 months ago   03:48

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