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Michael Corleone

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Last Laff
The authenticity in this story line is staggering. Anyone who is familiar with Southern Italian customs and traditions of this time period will know what I'm talking about. Everything from the physical and facial expressions, to the way Michael interacts with her family, and ultimately the wedding scene, are so incredibly accurate. The way Apollonia looks at her mother for approval before opening the gift, to the ladies following behind Michael and Apollonia when they go for a walk. Absolute perfection.
Kushtrim Tahiraj
5.54 that smile, that goddamn smile
Ellen Morgan
it's all fun and games until it turns out to be someone's daughter
diamond Tran
If Michael had his first date with a girl from my village in Vietnam, he might have ended up having a whole village taking a walk after him and his girl.
Chris Chee
Meanwhile there was a fucking war. Sonny got wacked!!! Bastards!😈
Mohammad Imaduddin
This kind of life looks beautiful
My god she was beautiful !!!
Jaime Rodriguez
3:27 " ahh vinchia! ... se ha enamorato da vero " great line. Lol
Edgar Martínez
Viva gli sposi.
Heidi Newman
Pretty much my favorite movie scene...
Bill Murphy
Soooo gorgeous & classy looking
Definitely Greek-Turk looking eyes for sure
“A type more Greek” Lol stunning
Sharon Walkoviak
Al Pacino was sooo fine and handsome in the Godfather 2 and also in Scareface.Love those movies.
dougie b
Ridiculous Hair.
Gino Yohel
Yo también tuve a mi apollonia pero la perdí :(
Victor Ramirez
only 8 mins and probably its the best love story
K Francis
What most don't know is that the actress portraying Apollonia was only 17 at the time of the release of the film, meaning she was only 16 when this was shot. The scene after the marriage where she bares herself for Michael could be construed as CP in today's nutty America.
She looks like the brunette version of my ex
meneses 08
Se ele tivesse ficado com a Apolónia tudo seria diferente
mushtaq Zizo
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Brucia la terra. (El padrino) TheGodfather2 Simonetta Stefanelli Apollonia 6 months ago   03:02

La cancion que Tony Corleone le canta a su padre Michael Corleone en "El padrino lll". Brucia la Terra.