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Thegodfather2 Simonetta Stefanelli Apollonia | Brucia La Terra. (El Padrino) - At Up-Tube.com

TheGodfather2 Simonetta Stefanelli Apollonia Brucia la terra. (El padrino) 10 months ago   08:22

Michael Corleone

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The woman by your side makes a difference, choose carefully fellas.
lina la mia vita
Sono cresciuta guardando questo film e ancoora lo guardo: bello il corteggiamento , gli sguardi l' amore di un uomo riservato e colto! Grande Capolavoro!!☺
bash livingston
That's not from the second movie it's from the first movie
Carleton Candis
Apollonia's smile would make Mona Lisa jealous.
nate big papi kredy cohen
guys its only a movie what if this or that only movie not real life get a life ppl
Alan Foxx
Things moved fast back in the old country. Micheal had a light bruise under his eye when he first saw her, and he still had the same bruise when they got married. Either that, or hes a really slow healer.
kesik recep
Karizmatik bücür al pacino
jonathan gianguzzo
Now that, is a woman.
Sun Moon
Michael should've stayed in Sicily with Apollonia. Being dragged back to America was the opening of his doom.
Amir M
دوستت دارم
Jenny Midori
So beautiful.
How did they communicate? They don't speak the same language?
Mama mia, what a spicy meat-a ball-a!
Antonino Sottile
Splendida performance incredibilmente suggestiva e romantica ...
Virginia Lawson
LeeT.. I so agree..but funny...🤔
ibnu gunawan
where the naked scene
Cihan Tanriverdi
Dove sono italiani ??
Deepanshu Sen
2019 and I still can’t get over this 💎
Rob K
This is Godfather 1 Not 2
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Brucia la terra. (El padrino) TheGodfather2 Simonetta Stefanelli Apollonia 10 months ago   03:02

La cancion que Tony Corleone le canta a su padre Michael Corleone en "El padrino lll". Brucia la Terra.

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