Jogadas Que Valem a Pena Ver De Novo Look At These Goals from 6 months ago   08:27

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👍 Jogadas Que Valem a Pena Ver De Novo


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Bailey Helgren
nice video keep it up!! "))
7:29 when getting kicked in the thigh is no biggie. or probably when they just hate black people
Alexander Ducon
Minuto 2:19 !!!wtfÂĄÂĄÂĄ
Ricardo Santos
Song de 5:40 name: Tobu turn it up
That Bergkamp first touch... it's so often left out in these highlight videos and I'm still in awe many years later....
mustafe abdi
i have stopped watching whn i have seen Casamero, so sad, Ronaldinho and Casamero in one place
Elias Salinas
When pogba first joined united and was still good
Mike Jason
Great video
But with this editing, either you see the player's name or the play, you can't have both
Kenzieross Hynes
The music is cringe
Luke Reuter
i lost brain cells reading the title
Ethan D
Click bait
Khai Kaiser
Ronaldinho is da boom
Dabadee dabadoo the title is English why aren't u
key bear
u can love hate messi neymar cr but theres nothing but love for the Ronaldinho Gaucho
Jeronimo rubio
messi: like
cristiano: comment or ignore
joshua kennneth
where's ronaldo
Slickus FC
What's the banging tune at the end please?????
coolguy chicken
Bale at his prime
Velislav Kuzmanov
only 1 video from messi?? what planet are u from? :).................
Kiyingi Rogers
The dutch master should have closed this clip.
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Look At These Goals from Jogadas Que Valem a Pena Ver De Novo 6 months ago   09:01

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