*This is a meme from 2020 This is what happens when 2 days ago   00:08

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You Pleb I Don't Want Subs From Plebs and Normies Like or I steal your roblox account I need help give me your credit card information You Pleb

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hahahahahahaha love the part when it said " "
Mr Lime
I'm from the past. What's a meme?
Ferris Argyl3
Yaknow I heard this shit was poppin in 2020 but this shit was boolin in 200 BC
Tsundere Kitsune
The year is 2020 and this is used as a format for other memes one I saw was of a fat black guy saying "alright girl I'll see you tomorrow" which he then falls... I have seen this everywhere I go and I'm sick of it
Aiden Tyler
You only put your hand over the camera
Isn’t it just your finger covering the camera maybe in 2020 I’ll understand
Luke Evans
I'm from 2021 and this is sooooo last year
big hecking boiyo
is this just your thumb over the camera
Setting a reminder now to come back in 2020 and watch this again
Defender Of Justice 707
*W o a h*
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This is what happens when *This is a meme from 2020 2 days ago   09:49

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