Mosul: The deadly legacy of the ′Islamic In 1961 This Little Girl 3 weeks ago   04:18

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It's been a year since Iraqi troops retook Mosul from the so-called Islamic State. As IS fighters retreated, they left a legacy of booby traps and suicide belts that threaten the safety of returning citizens. DW's Brigitta Schülke reports from Mosul.

Iraq's Mosul faces years of difficult reconciliation -

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Fire Stone
Thanks DW for sharing our crisis to the world .. Mosul city full of craps and disease . There is no life here ..
Ninja Cat 2049
Soon we will see the same thing in Germany.
Xs Xs
Almost all the Sunnis supported ISIS, now they should live with the consequences of their choices. Iraqi government dealt with them in very fragile manner anyways, thanks to the Shia religious establishment.
Good coverage but bitter news. My condolences to the bereaved families
I'm Just Saying
*Wait are we talking about IS the West Created by Invading Iraq?*

Enjoy the result of CORPORATIONS Dictating Public Policy, this got nothing to do with ISLAM..........Create Hopelessness, Meddle in other nations affairs, Support Dictators then topple them only to install more dictators or Puppet Government reliant on weaponry and Western Financial Handouts and we end up with MOSUL.

LIBERATION Through The BARREL of a gun is Eternal Enslavement in Continuous Violence and Wars.
Southern California Deplorable Henry Lindeman
*"death to Islam"*
Sahkeenah Minterbey
This make no sence may allah bless them all of people s
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In 1961 This Little Girl Mosul: The deadly legacy of the ′Islamic 3 weeks ago   09:22

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