I met a fan that gets Bullied by his "Friends" So I Challenged a Recon Expert For His Fortnite 2 weeks ago   15:20

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So today I met a fan that told me he gets bullied at school and on fortnite by his friends and that they also kicked him out of there clan. Also they were calling me bad at Fortnite... so I ended up confronting the bullies and facing them to a 1v1 in Fortnite.

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Don't be a Bully, be Nice :)
Harvey White
Just so you know I won't comment on this video
Harvey White
Stupid bullies
Karolina P
Don’t listen the bully’s 😢😭
Karolina P
Friends some times are bully’s 😭😢
Im Craig/defaultproo911
can i 1v1 im 11
Ayman Elbery
I heard someone fart at 3:36
Oliver GachaYT
that's really nice to do nicks CODE NICKS
The Timmah
Lol randomly found this video. Don't know the guy. But I'll definitely subscribe because of his stance on bullying. Awesome!! #humble
Anjela Parusheva
That is so nice . I wonder how old was that kid.
I don't expect a fetus to be good at bullying people.
So your saying Qrthur goes to high school the bullies sound like they do.
Nicks your a legend for helping the kid
Chimmy de happy sunshine
Phantoms voice is so cute like df
Asian Dod
This kid is dumb... Why do you need to play Fortnite? It's not even sad... If it was in school, then its different.
"P" word? Huh?
Walter Ng
Don't be mean! Be a Nicks
aysha emani
those bullies are gonna get smacked from le chancla (slipper)
metalica fan
I get Bullied a lot on fortnite cos I don't have a skins
Princess Peach
This video made me be sub and put your name in the shop... thas was awesome bullying is never okay
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So I Challenged a Recon Expert For His Fortnite I met a fan that gets Bullied by his "Friends" 2 weeks ago   06:21

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