I met a fan that gets Bullied by his "Friends" So I Challenged a Recon Expert For His Fortnite 6 months ago   15:20

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So today I met a fan that told me he gets bullied at school and on fortnite by his friends and that they also kicked him out of there clan. Also they were calling me bad at Fortnite... so I ended up confronting the bullies and facing them to a 1v1 in Fortnite.

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Don't be a Bully, be Nice :)
Tara Coppens
Rold Gold Fishing
You know this person
Rylen Glass
This guy bullied me because I have the soccer skin can you help me talk to them
fabmar 631
Bully 1: hey if you win I’ll call you dad for a week

Bully 2: that’s kinda sus

Bully 1: it’s not sus if you like it
Rafael Seda Lozada
I play on controller once you get used to it it’s not that hard
Mic Love
y are u so good on computer I'm trash on computer 😭
Hyper Exzyle
I used to be a bully but eventually stoped but still have my attitude and the bad boy personality
Mad Maddox Hill
Don’t be a bully be your friend
The Master Gam3r
Can you please help me with the bullies I get bullied cos I have little subs and I'm a darker skin colour
Lara Croft
i mean i have a friend thats a bit mean to me quite a lot but not all the time
Reiji kun
Fock bullys if they got a problem here 2 pick then they better watch out.
Jacob Diaz
I'm heartbroken
I heard a fart in the back round
Those kids r such fags I felt so bad for the little one
Michele Mcknight
Help me please I'm getting bullied
Michele Mcknight
Help. Me. Pls
I feel so bad
beast god
He said yes
Colton Badock
Is it Arthur morgan
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So I Challenged a Recon Expert For His Fortnite I met a fan that gets Bullied by his "Friends" 6 months ago   06:21

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