I met a fan that gets Bullied by his "Friends" So I Challenged a Recon Expert For His Fortnite 3 months ago   15:20

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So today I met a fan that told me he gets bullied at school and on fortnite by his friends and that they also kicked him out of there clan. Also they were calling me bad at Fortnite... so I ended up confronting the bullies and facing them to a 1v1 in Fortnite.

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Don't be a Bully, be Nice :)
Kaylee Raine
you sir, just earned a subscription
Natasha Cooper
Btw if u need help with ur controller still hit me up on PS4 my name is crazy462mars
Maria Blanco
OceanOfLegacy ‘
I feel like Nicks didn't do enough to stop them bullying Arthur
Kacper Kacper
(Well obviously don't bully or you'll be hated)
Arnold Amaro
He’s so adorable, my heart- ❤️
carlos andino
Respect it!
skyler curry
You are building so fast that you are blinding me nicks
Lara Cosp
Did u friend him???
Blaze_Taco Taco
Nick can you plz help me I get bullied by a kid that punches me for talking about you
xxxGacha Gamerxxx
My friends also bully me because I am the small girl WHICH I HATE
Midget the Hufflepuff
Those bullies were trying to act all nice cos they know a vid was made on them
Gâčhä Łøßër
Please help me my lil sis Ella she is 5 years old and gets bullied she really needs aiming practice if you can help that’s would be awesome!
Bully- it's not sus if he likes it

Me- WHAT?!
ghost RAidEn
More than anything in the world....I just wish I was happy...
The Experienced Gamer
Its called slurp juice
Tavin Pederson
I did it to stop the bully I HATE bullies
Tavin Pederson
I played Fortnite and some kid playing Fortnite with me he was getting bullied and I 1v1 the bully and I won because I was playing on my phone and every time I killed him the bully was calling him trash and I 1v1 the bully to stop the bully and I won on PHONE
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So I Challenged a Recon Expert For His Fortnite I met a fan that gets Bullied by his "Friends" 3 months ago   06:21

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