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Amazing View From The Burj | Dubaj. Burj Khalifa. Wjazd - At Up-Tube.com

Amazing view from the Burj Dubaj. Burj Khalifa. Wjazd 8 months ago   02:52

148 floors up, 555m high, amazing view from the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building) - At the top SKY Observation deck, Dubai, UAE.

Music: Aqueduc - Nykomling

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Star Light
I think I would shit myself the whole elevator ride up because that checks off two things in this world that I hate, Heights, and elevators
Anthony Nudalo
Those Russians will climb the very top on the roof and stand on it lmao
Wakin Sarabia
If u wanna know how long the burj khalifa is when it fell in the ground just look at the shadow
Shine Shine
Insha Allah.... Soon I'll visit Dubai
Channel 355
No thank you,I’ll stay at the basement
Pedro Fonseca
Thought was another Khalifa
Petro Chico
No curve absolutely flat
Alex Dunn
Fuck ALLLL of that
Kehan Rathnayake
2:40, if I was there, why does it look like I'm about to fall off even though I'm inside.
Rashid Abbasi
Thanks to the workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries.
Afifa Kojar
Rather than going on such places I would love to spend my quality time going through nature
Only 120 times higher than the top of the building, and you reach space!
I wonder when the metal starts to wrotten
Reshma Khan
Reshma Khan
very very nice
Rifqi Zaini
Fish eye cam 😪
Cruise Into Paradise
This is Extreme Architect and Engineering! Stunning!!
Thales Bastos
you can see the curvature of the earth
Professor YG
I'm sorry... Did helicopter can fly as high as this tower?
MasterMeg Games
Oh how I’d love to see that beautiful view.... just wow❤️ it’s amazing
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Dubaj. Burj Khalifa. Wjazd Amazing view from the Burj 8 months ago   06:19

Burj Khalifa w Dubaju - otwarty w 2010 roku jeszcze przed końcem budowy uzyskał miano drugiej co do najwyższych budowli świata. Słowo 'burj' znaczy wieża.
Budynek wcześniej nazywany był Burj Dubai. shopping,

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