Amazing view from the Burj Dubaj. Burj Khalifa. Wjazd 3 months ago   02:52

148 floors up, 555m high, amazing view from the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building) - At the top SKY Observation deck, Dubai, UAE.

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amarjeet singh
Great view. Once I get a chance I will go on the top experience the fobia of hight
Amazing view. I would like to see it in person.
Chihab Ahmed
"There will come a time when you see the barefooted Arabs competing in building tall buildings"
Prophet Muhammed peace be upon (1400) years ago

it's happening in front of your own eyes

Deny it!

I swear nobody dare to deny this except those who dont like the truth

Do you know who is competing with them?

Saudia Arabia -> Jedda Tower 1,000 meter

Then Dubahi again - creek towner 1,300

If this is not enough for people to belive prophet muhammed peace be upon him i dont know what else that would make you to belive

Because of its happening in front of your eyes
Yash Nichal
Isse aacha nazara mere balcony se dikhta
Alponasayed Hashmi
Main toh gaya bhi hoo burj khaleefa
Alponasayed Hashmi
Main toh gaya bhi hoo burj khaleefa
Ali Baba
Allah hu akbar
World largest building in the world
But it's only tha sign of Qayamat
Vol kan
Kafir Arab
Saqib Javed
achi knstrakshn hy jagah b km hy na tmhary pas
abcd 9651432344
Insan apne maut ka saman khud bna rha
I want see.... My dream
Lilibeth Bongco
Wow mashalla
Damn just watching this made my legs wobbly
Ashraf Ali
Gareeb india wle mjduri krte hn hmre yhn pe ake
ناصر الصوفي
واو يال الروعه ايش هل المناضر
Suneel Kumar
Bhavesh Joshi
We can see the curve of world.....
Kaewalin Gale
Brandon Calkins
Im getting anxiety just watching this.
Which in turn is making anxious while I smoke a cig on my second story balcony.
Being faded don't help....
I think I see My Dad
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Dubaj. Burj Khalifa. Wjazd Amazing view from the Burj 3 months ago   06:19

Burj Khalifa w Dubaju - otwarty w 2010 roku jeszcze przed końcem budowy uzyskał miano drugiej co do najwyższych budowli świata. Słowo 'burj' znaczy wieża.
Budynek wcześniej nazywany był Burj Dubai. shopping,

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