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I Found Wireless Leds - No Batteries | Inside The Rfid Stickers From - At Up-Tube.com

I found wireless LEDs - no batteries Inside the RFID Stickers from 1 day ago   17:56

Strange Parts
I found these amazing wireless LEDs in Akihabara(aka Akiba) in Tokyo that light up wirelessly - with no wires or batteries! And I got them working on a standard phone wireless charger!

See behind the scenes of Strange Parts and what's going on in between videos:


Put It Down - Da Tooby (Licensed through http://bit.ly/epidemic-sp)
Tulip by VESHZA (Licensed through http://bit.ly/artlist-sp)
Far Away Star - Lishuid (Licensed through http://bit.ly/epidemic-sp)
Earl Grey - Dylan Sitts (Licensed through http://bit.ly/epidemic-sp)

Edited by auram - https://www.instagram.com/aurxm/

#StrangeParts #Electronics #Akihabara

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Dennis Smith
If Radio Shack was a city.
“You don’t want to run wires through your models.” You don’t know me very well do you?
Hikari Zutto
Me and my husband made one from a thrift store using old parts. Wish I could send you a picture of it. We made it using a old speaker (from the coil) and a led (from old led glasses). It's an amazing feeling when something you make goes really well! :) Thanks for the idea :)
John Lima
That's absolutely amazing.
Thanks for this! Have a question, as it works with coils and magnetic fields, do you think that the coils in pinball machines (the ones with plungers) could activate the LEDs?
Question is purely cause I have pinball machines and that'd be an awesome way to improve them
Frank Swett
2:58 at this moment I liked and subscribed. Lmfao!!!
Nikola Tesla did this in the 1920s
wee wee
I had wireless LED light stickers for phones that I bought in 2003 and in BD we used to buy those for 1-3 dollars
I do something like this with my amateur radio antennas. I can make LED's light up just by keying up my radios, even flaurescent bulbs and drive thru automatic windows. All with RF energy :)
Tekno Logik
they look like TINY little arc reactors from iron mans chest lol...
tim bob
it has to be a tuned circuit.
Benjamin Lord
I'm sure it's been said but the resistors and caps would make it smoother healthier for the LED and smaller.
Lupo Grigio
I've been there!!! I purchased some models and toys that I could never get in the US
Skupiii Zetrus
I bet they put live fireflies in there
lamine ahmed
I Saw a led bulb more Big make light from energy od skin.
why doesnt he travel with a mini toolkit? seeing that 90% of his vids are all tech building
Hades hijo de Cronos
steven minot
this two sheet of god damn plastic worth 200buks, knowledge is treasure guys
Cà phê nguyên chất
10 year ago I had 1 ring with led , it shine when have a call nearby
Kirk John Lambie
Just started watching your channel would it be possible to build a modern version of the Nokia n900 as that would be cool
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Inside the RFID Stickers from I found wireless LEDs - no batteries 1 day ago   17:29

We randomly found a cashier-less, employee-less convenience store in Yiwu, China, and of course we had to try it out. But once we did, I was dying to know more about how the technology worked. So I took some of the RFID tags back to my apartment in Shenzhen, and started taking things apart!

This is the last video from my trip to Yiwu, China with Collin Abroadcast. Go see the first two videos:


Want to know more about the microscope in this video? I made a video about it: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/ZOSlTmePyfV

Edited by auram - https://www.instagram.com/aurxm/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/strangepartscom
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0:00 Crimson Sky - Stanley Gurvich (Licensed through Artlist.io)
1:05 The Night Feeling Suave - Friends With Animals (Licensed through Epidemic Sound)
6:13 Strange To Be Here - Lishuid (Licensed through Epidemic Sound)
17:11 Crimson Sky - Stanley Gurvich (Licensed through Artlist.io)