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Is Daniel The Game Master In Real | Do Not Watch Hacker Police Car Guava - At Up-Tube.com

Is Daniel the Game Master in Real DO NOT WATCH Hacker Police Car Guava 5 months ago   03:48

The Real Game Master
Daniel the Cameraman uncovers new clues to help Rebecca Zamolo and Matt on their adventure to defeat the quadrant. After driving to an old abandoned Mall he tells you about the date that it is close and what to look out. Also, tell Rebecca on her upcoming video she needs to use the blacklight to uncover the clues to the map. We are close Gamemaster Network. Can you help us unlike the other Daniel with Project Zorgo, CWC and Vy Qwaint? Lets do this together! Ninja spy squad unite!

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DO NOT WATCH Hacker Police Car Guava Is Daniel the Game Master in Real 5 months ago   15:42

WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THE CLUES! Hacker Girl and I just had an EPIC NINJA BATTLE ROYALE and got a bunch of new clues. Did you find them?! A police car, Guava Juice, and a weird eye! What could they mean?!? We developed top secret Project Zorgo film, but someone STOLE the CLUES! We have to get the other balls! IT might be a HACKER BATTLE ROYALE! After Hacker Girl woke up, we went to go find the SECRET film that she dropped when I interrupted Evil Hacker Girl’s MEETING with a PZ member. Previously, I got a CRYPTIC text message that said I had to find somewhere SAFE to HIDE! I went to my friend’s HUGE MANSION with Maybe the World’s LARGEST Waterslide! EVIL HACKER GIRL tried to steal my DNA so I had to do the HANDCUFF CHALLENGE, and handcuff for 24 hours. We played games in the pool and CHALLENGE IN A POOL! Hacker Girl REVEAL her face to me but then PROJECT ZORGO Showed up and Ruined Christmas. We NINJA BATTLED the hackers with NERF and i ESCAPED. Now I found a SECRET SAFEHOUSE. They are coming after me more so I have to hide underwater. But not for an underwater date. Please look for Secret clues I might have missed in this video so i can send them to Chad wild Clay and Vy qwaint who are also SPYING on Project ZORGO, rebecca zamolo and matt! I might be in trouble now. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019

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