NASCAR Pass in the grass ALLSTARS 1984 Talladega 500 - Finish 1 day ago   02:53

Dale Earnhardt cuts throught the infield but maintains his lead over Bill Elliott.

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Respect and RIP 3
bonnie peterson
Dale Earnhardt was the best! Nobody could steady the car like that!
Jay Andrade
Dam right! Nobody was as good as the teacher Earnhardt!
JD York
Dale Earnhardt........YOU"RE THE GREATEST!
Terry Crotts
If Bill had been half the asshat Dale was he would have plowed through him when he came back up on the track. I guarantee Dale would have done it to him. You could tell Bill lifted right there when dale came across his front end. He did smash his ass on the cool down lap. I still say Bill would have gotten by him had he not cut the tire down.
smoke 14
The current cars would have the front end torn off after hitting the grass.
Randy Bobandy
It was an attempt by Bill Elliot to move an Immovable object..
Daniel Johnston
It was "the maneuver in the grass". He was forced down there by Elliot and his great instinct and quick reflexes made it possible for him to keep the lead. Call it what you want, a lesser driver probably would have wrecked, flipped, came back out and take out a bunch of cars. You don't mess with an experienced driver like that
IN 1980 I pass in the grass I pass three cars that blocking me from passing so I used the in flied to pass Dale Earnhardt was not that great he was lucky in racing his looks he look like a wild west outlaw. his name Dale Earnhardt If I made it into NASCAR Dale Earnhardt would have less wins and championship I have respect for Dale Earnhardt but he push a lot of drivers out of his way to get the win. You any you tube video it proof of it.
Dodge Logical
Two full minutes of arguing over what this should be called. These NASCAR talking heads are dorks.
Marty Mcminds
Helluva a guy.
Eddie Dawkins
A pass through the grass
Tom Kelsh
Best of yhe best! Only one who could pull that shit off! DALE BOYS YEEEEE HAAAAA DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT $$$$$$$!
stephen bernsen
That would never happen today due to the splitter
David Hegarty
Stop being gay and watch lemans
NYC Songman
Okay, okay, OKAY ! It wasn’t a “pass” !

“Pass in the Grass” just soun-n-nds so-o slick and nasty; like the man himself. Finis.
Ben Shavers
Racing today is just riveting and wild compared to the 70s and 80s horse shit
Thomas Fullerton
Thank you!
Mike Walker
who cares if it was a pass, i was there and it was fabulous!!!
Michael McClure
Hell of a save
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1984 Talladega 500 - Finish NASCAR Pass in the grass ALLSTARS 1 day ago   06:31

Here is the finish to the famous 1984 Talladega 500 at Alabama International Motor Speedway.

July 29th 1984
Ken Squire, Ned Jarrett & Benny Parsons with the call for CBS.