BURNING MY NEIGHBORS LAWN (Story Things That Happen ONCE 2 days ago   09:13

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A story about how I almost burnt down my neighbor's lawn/house.

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Hope you guys liked this week's video! I'm trying to do a slightly simpler style since I wanted to make more videos for you guys without it taking 2 months every upload. This style of videos should make it so that I can upload once every week or every other week. :)
Ranea Lambie
Wait I thought you couldn't go outside?
Maddie Hargorve
Ashley Hermosa Torres
Isn't a air plane with a flame thrower a rocet ship- Den: oh no it ain't 😠
Catiger Gaming
when den was screaming and running to her house the caption said "[SONG]"
FRZN ShadowReaper
Weekend on da.... PHILIPPINES!?!!?! filipino ka pala u deserve a like and a sub :)
Karby krabb
me and my friend also invent paper planes. i remember one we made had to be thrown backwards to fly...
i love mangoes as well
CookiesCorner :3
Chardemi SUGMA
Burning backwards is gninrub
Brooklynn Curtis
OMG it's monster house all over again
Sofia Araujo
7:01 my favorite part and 7:28
The flying cow Forever
Oh my gosh! I just now realized that at 5:40 that’s a cockatiel!
Fifi Mahmoud
I thought you couldn’t go outside
To kill a mockingbird remixed?
3:04 Hay Nako?
Toxic Foxy
Ozzy the panda
Emma Walsh
If you have social anxiety getting a scarf that you can hide in if you get embarrassed it works
Cool butt
Den: what won’t hit you with a bag of food .
Me : a sticky note
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Things That Happen ONCE BURNING MY NEIGHBORS LAWN (Story 2 days ago   11:11

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