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Dave - Rocket League
AOEAH: Cheap RL items/keys/crates!
Discount code: "Dave10".

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Intro: Slushii - LUV U NEED U [Monstercat Release]

Outro: AllttA - I Got One feat Degree

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Comments 13 Comments

michael taylor
7:22 this beat is in 90% of rl videos. change my mind
The squishy pinch
Rogue Jelly
I liked the video, it got 1k likes because of me
Lukas Johannesen
2. Background music is Better days by LAKEY INSPIRED
EZ Topanga
What’s the song called 0:02
omar dashash
2:12-4:05 same clip
Tryhard BoyZ
0:02 music?
5:14 Wow this is so creative and mechanical
Leet Boi
u should have a playlist on what songs u use in these vids
Ali Zahir
1:42 voicecrack sorry squishy
Repeating clips
X Xéné
6:05 I didn t think squishy Was like that xD
David Boi
Song on 1:00 - it’s different The Outlaw (feat Miss Mary)
PackerPlayz !
7:30 song?
People still ride this man. He was good back then. He’s trash now
Guds Børn
squishy is fucking nuts
I watch these videos for inspiration to get better at rocket league but just end up laying in bed the whole time
Am I the only one that noticed that Dave repeated the Aquadome Rizzo redirect?
Michael Hickham
What is the song at 4:30
horo af
Lazy video
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