Weekend Offroading with new Fortuner, Mud Offroading with Endeavour, Fortuner, 2 days ago   07:45

Anshuman Bishnoi
Weekend Offroading with new Fortuner, new Endeavour, V-Cross, Gypsy

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Your content is really very good... No nonsense,just pure offroading.
Would love to see you going Off-road in the Tata Hexa 4x4.
C Niyogi
Anshuman Ji need to speak with you sometime when it’s convenient for you!!! How can I contact you??? kayse baat kare aapse . . . And no, I’m not trying to sell any product here & i don’t represent any third party corporate entity except for my own!!! Thank You
007 Nbm
Endeavour guy : Fortuner 3 baar me gaya, hum ek baar me jayenge 😂😂 LOL LOL didn’t go through 😂
White old endeavour driver is really cool
Dhuruv Chaudhry
The best thing about Anshuman sir’s videos are that he doesn’t edit the videos with stupid edm music.
SHIVA The Lost World
Bhai video jaldi jaldi Dala karo
الركن الهادئ S
Joel Mammachen
Hello @Anshuman ,
As usual , the new Fortuner perform well with its superior A-TRAC system but wanted to know if the new 2019 model year Endeavour has its Terrain management system recalibrated to perform better. Can you please do a back to back comparison of the new 2019 model with the 2017-18 Endeavour for the channel .??
Malak Jafrulla
Bhai super video.
Pawan Sharma
Vikram Chadha
I wonder why the new endy so incapable off road, couldn't even conquer one obstacle in the entire video.
Is it driver skills or the vehicle or tyres?
What is the reason ? As a whole almost in every video of yours, i have seen the new endy failing a lot.
Venki Vlog
Love all your videos
Pratyush Kishore
Fully stock gypsy hai kya ?
Tejendra singh Devra
Bhot ache video dalte ho ap
Muskan Nehra
Munish Kaushik
Fortuner made it without diff lock thn whts wrong with endy black
sonal kumar ilu
Videos are awesome sir.... but iss video me wind noise bahut tha... but the video is awesome....😍😍😍😍
Matul Sharma
Ransher Gill
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Mud Offroading with Endeavour, Fortuner, Weekend Offroading with new Fortuner, 2 days ago   19:35

Mud Offroading with Endeavour, Fortuner, Thar, Pajero Sport. Aug 2019