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How To Optimize Your Frequent-Flier Miles | How Frequent Flyer Points Help - At Up-Tube.com

How to Optimize Your Frequent-Flier Miles How frequent flyer points help 1 day ago   03:45

Wall Street Journal
Rewards travel is getting cheaper, according to an annual IdeaWorks survey. WSJ’s Scott McCartney digs into the data and explains how you can optimize the frequent-flier miles you’ve saved.

Photo Illustration: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal

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Wall Street Journal
How do you use your loyalty miles and points? Do you save them for business class tickets, use them for upgrades, burn through them for economy tickets or something else entirely?
-Scott McCartney, WSJ
Junior Campbell
I only redeem point for long haul business class (Canada to Australia).
DR in AZ
I travel all the time for work, so the last thing I need is another plane ticket. I rather trade SWA points for gift cards. Tax free bonus...
Business class tickets are annoying to get so I've been transferring miles to hotels
Daniel Iles - Small Business
Alaska airlines makes this super easy! If you live in the pacific northwest it should be a staple credit card.
Shouldn't a mile get you a mile? Call it something else otherwise
Jack Hake
Airlines: Do business with us now and we'll provide outsize value later
Consumer: How much for a business class saver award?
Airline: We don't publish award charts. The price you see is the price you pay.

This is why I moved to Alaska Airlines. Correlating the cash price to the award has made popular loyalty programs into rebate programs. I rather take my rebates in cash back rather than proprietary miles.
! I like your video editing
but the thing is, southwest doesn’t require you to sit at a certain seat
Gert Samson
You recommend 1.5¢ per point, how can you make such a statement? Every reward program is different, and I mean drastically different.
Mike Gustafson
👍 Always great stuff, Scott! Thanks! 😎
Ben Mallah
Enrique Vilar Garcia
Sky team ❤️
chrisovalantis stavrou
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How frequent flyer points help How to Optimize Your Frequent-Flier Miles 1 day ago   03:05

Frequent flyer programs were originally designed to reward passengers for loyalty.
But, as airlines began to notice how much people valued the points, they began to tweak the rule governing flight redemptions.
Carrington Clarke reports.

Read more here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-11/frequent-flyer-program-helping-airlines-more-than-customers/9977272

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