Vybz Kartel "Scorched Earth" Vybz Kartel - Scorched Earth 2 days ago   10:23

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Comments 89 Comments

Dave Newell
good review
Terron Virgo
Gaza fi life
OneShot Media
Beat song fi 2019 to BBCPRC
Nickacy Weekes
Gaza👑 bad we bad 🇬🇾🇯🇲👈
Delon Thomas
Big up every artise who been inspired by wurlboss vybz kartel
Dwayne reid
1000%scorcheo earth
dutingz boss TV
Thats y me never switch nuh a them fool dah can't do it like the boss #Gaza #worlboss #gazagovernment #worlgovernment #gazanation
Raemon Daisley
Fully Gaza
doubt that was a shot at Masicka
Rise Fall
Masicka nt even bad like chronic law lyrical book nor song hook
Rise Fall
Masicka cant be a king wid his one style from before him buss... kartel give him his biggest hit my dawgs them affi live.... masicka jus a go in alka lane waste man them teacher teach them na learn
Dun Dezzle
Then wait... Then how him still a seh a fi em place, fi em place way? Dem paint out fi em face. 🤣
Gaza Sun God
Alkaline might kill poppy in a lyrical war.
Jah Warrior
That was not a Masicka diss, unu stop try pull something out of nothing. Kmt.
Gaza4Life 1Don
Fully Gaza chune 🔥🔥🔥
Kevin Brown
Addi world boss top illuminati artist
Horace Keene
Kartel a d best ever stre88888 gaza fi life nah change can't change!!!!!
Prince Prince
Lol😆 one boss one KING one teacha one fucking DON# Gaza onedon Spain town #freeworldbosss
Omar Grant
Song hot bredda a swear
Flatearthtruth 87
the chorus comes from the cartoon Simpson wen they were singing "who runs the world we do we do" in one of the episode l0l
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Vybz Kartel - Scorched Earth Vybz Kartel "Scorched Earth" 2 days ago   03:19

#VybzKartel #TJRecords #ScorchedEarth

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