Manafort’s Double Flip, Trump’s Trump: Pardon For Convicted Liar 3 months ago   06:10

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It’s a turbulent week for Team Trump as Paul Manafort violates his cooperation agreement with Robert Mueller, the president continues to refute climate change reports and Ivanka is confronted about her use of a private email.

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abdulaziz yalahow
Duncan Lockwood
0:21 who the hell is that stalker in the far right?!
MadeYou React
Bruh Trevor Why you look high asf in the thumbnail ???
Mickey McGowan
Does anyone else get the impeach Donald ad as well? Like for every video? This might be off topic just it scares me knowing we'd be getting pence as a president if dinild shrimp was impeached and that comes up before every yt Video
Aftertale Fanatic
lvanka sounds like a philosophical speaker that spends most of her weekends smoking
fak you, propagandist..hatred need to be hangen on red-square,..
PrincessMegan Elsa
jam beats
Paraphrasing is now a thing in America's government. Trump paraphrasing Idi Amin, now his daughter, Hillary.
elvisstopper 420
She should do a porno!I would love to see her get fucked.
David Beaulieu
Just get him on emoluments and stfu
Jacqueline Rosales
Trump supporters r all living incest babies
Christ Ivanka has an annoying voice
Adrien Kopish
I’ve always heard its better to remain silent and let people think you’re dumb then to open your mouth and remove all doubt!! Does ivanka have any clue what she’s saying? Jesus
If trump wanted the emails he could. Nothing ever gets deleted on the internet... EVER!!!
Brea Kandanga
My goodness, trump is the perfect distraction..
Alexei Kositsin
One of the best!!!
Patrick Quenga
There is a huge different between Ivanka's emails and Hillary's emails. Hillary contracted a company to build and store her email, specifically for her. Ivanka was using a public email service like Google. Also, Ivanka didn't delete all her emails as soon as it was brought out. It is a task in itself, to delete the information store of an Exchange Server that holds 30,000+ emails. Also, hasn't anything come of Ivanka's investigation on this? Have they determined if any classified information has been passed through her public facing email service?

I'm just saying, as an IT guy, working Cybersecurity for the US Army for over 20 years and now as a defense contractor...there was a huge difference between the two scenarios.
Jennifer Brown
Is Ivanka bulimic? Her voice is always fucked up and her cognition is obviously suffering
Chris Rivera
Trevor that's 3 Toyota's and a Nissan. Just sayin. Oh ya I love yo show my man R e s p e c t! Big ups from the West Coast. Hope you kill it in Temecula on the 14th really wanted to go for my birthday but the lady and I couldn't get tickets they were sold out. Keep doing what your doing!! -Chris
Marc McFarland
this isn't about the show but the stupid orbits gum commercial; what kinda pansy ass beatch would let some freckle faced ginger push them around like that? If that fuck face came up to me demanding my money he wouldn't have knee caps or a working gastro intestinal track after that because I'd knee cap the mo-fo and gut shoot his ass, high school or not it doesn't matter! I firmly believe that the sanest response to the disgusting, insane, illogical, and downright wrong society, culture, and civilization in witch we live is to stand up for yourself!
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Trump: Pardon For Convicted Liar Manafort’s Double Flip, Trump’s 3 months ago   12:52

President Trump says he is open to pardoning his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, after Mueller shreds his plea agreement with Manafort. Former Federal Prosecutor Paul Butler tells Ari Melber Manafort is a “stone-cold thug” and it’s “not a surprise that even after that guilty plea he’s still lying and cheating”.
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Trump: Pardon For Convicted Liar Manafort 'Not Off The Table' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC