Raccoon Who Inspired 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Chimp Wreaks Havoc By Scaling 3 months ago   01:40

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Sallie Bent adopted Oreo the raccoon when he was just two days old, but he quickly became part of the family. "Everyone fell in love with his fat furriness, he responded well to everyone and other animals too," Bent said. During his 10-year life, he helped educate people about wild animals and served as the real-life inspiration for the Rocket character in "Guardians of the Galaxy." Most of all, Bent said, he changed people's views on raccoons. "He was a real character. He was always happy, I cannot think of a time when he was really grumpy. He knew when to be calm around people, he was always cooperative. He loved belly rubs and his favorite treat was a small marshmallow."

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So many incredible lives have been lost prior to endgame R.I.P. Oreo and Stan lee u will be missed god speed
Funny Chicken
Bits Bytez
MCU just made us 😭😭cry
Lacey Kids
He is now with Yondu and Stan Lee.
lord larz
Rest in Peace little baby.
Demon Kirito
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOT ROCKET!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mitchell Stucky
RIP cutie pie 😢
jack & gus beehner
lord tachanka
the goodest boi of all good bois
Tom Fitzpatrick
Our furry little star will be missed😢
Matt Marzula
Sort of misleading. The saddest part? How people pretend to feel sad. 10 years is nearly 3 times the average lifespan of a raccoon. I'd say Oreo had it pretty good. Way better than the horde that infested my neighborhood. Note how I typed "infested". Past tense. You're welcome...
Wyatt Dalton
This is the only news I need
Marvel Comics Know-it-All
No... :(

Thanks to Oreo for being so inspirational!
Mr. Wacky
Bet he was friends with batcoon

Rest In Peace
Cortana anal
The building of a shrine just to watch it burn
Sad Ace
r.I.P oreo ,
elsie luz
Luigi The Vulpix
is Oreo in his Middle Age state?! or still an Adult? or maybe is in his elderly age state?!
i know he's 10 years old(not in child age but rather some other different age state) but what kind of age based off?!
Jesselle Rodarte
did he die because he was eating marshmallows
Umm Rocket was created back in the 70's so.........
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Chimp Wreaks Havoc By Scaling Raccoon Who Inspired 'Guardians of the Galaxy' 3 months ago   01:25

ChaCha became the most famous chimpanzee in the world when he made his way out of the Yagiyama Zoological Park in Japan and wreaked havoc for two full hours. ChaCha scaled powerlines after the escape. As the tranquilizer took effect, the chimp would not give up. He lets loose a furious howl at the people below and then fell. Workers below tried to catch the chimp in a tarp but failed. He crashed through the tarp - but thankfully, was not injured.