OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Oneplus 7 Pro China Version Review 2 days ago   10:21

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: A comparison of specs, cameras, battery, price, and more. Which Smartphone do YOU think wins in 2019?

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sfiso monama
This was such a satisfying review! Loved the point to point comparison.
LaRon Fox
The thing about the One plus 7 Pro is the longevity. Me being an S8 Plus owner after around two years the phone performance degrades and starts to fall off a cliff. You still here people that have the original One plus or older One plus phones and still loving it and not trying to part ways with it. That should tell you something. Samsung has more specs but most are out dated. The wireless charging is usesless and 3mm head phone jack is out dated. If you are still plug in a wired head phones you have issues. I know I use to be one of those that didn't want to part ways with the 3mm jack and wired head phones until I bought the Bose Q35's an never looked back. Its funny to me people are so willing to not let go of legacy stuff while embracing notches and hole punches that look horrific on a smart phone no matter how much you try to reason with yourself that you don't really mind it being there or don't notice.
KB Eightyseven
S10e has become the one plus
memory mwanza
the way you review these phonesis all chilled and relaxed... i like it
oh really
One ui is far superior to any other manufacturers software...
Moises Ramirez Rueda
Bankhead 1
Mrs no boss

1 plus? Really?
Don't even need a video...1 plus is garbage, is it this slow or

Your bias is so evident for the 1 plus
Like where you adjust the screen yo make a comparable brightness..lmao
diana guaba
Hey yesterday I broke my note 8, and I'm trying to buy new phone but I'm on a tiny budget pixel xl a or the one plus 7 pro please help
gleb .t
Considering the things that are important for me personally I would still go for the galaxy s10 but the one + is definitely a great phone.
The best comparation
Midnight Moon
Your voice is phenomenal
Martell Tha Cool
I love the Samsung Galaxy phone
Bob the Bacteria
4:53 look at the oneplus twittter feed
Asad Ahmed
I like stock phones so one+ for me.
One plus 7 wins
Pizza The Hutt
I'm stuck on iPhone 8 plus bc I CAN NOT DO NOTCHES!!! Would you buy a TV with a notch or hole punch? But now ios is really starting to bore me. I love that my iPhone is really secure and works seamlessly without any bugs, but it's just plain boring. The One Plus 7 Pro is the first android phone that make me want to switch over. Maybe the cameras are not the greatest but they are good enough for me. I don't print photos from my phones and all I really use my photos for is social media, which doesn't require the great photos anyways.The OnePlus is crazy fast and that display is the best I have ever seen (notch & hole punch free). If iPhone doesn't get rid of that ugly ass notch in 2020 I'm going to buy a OnePlus 8 Pro which is going to be amazing I'm sure.
Nóòb Plāyer
Is it safe to buy phones from ebay that are much cheaper than their actual Price??
Fernando bear Rodriguez
Have had the one plus for like 2 months it's a hell of an upgrade from my iPhone 8 I was sad I couldn't get an iPhone cuz their like $1000+ but shoot the 1+ has so many cool little features like the ram booster, the gestures, and the camera is way faster than than the S10 actually if you can put them next to each other and switch between front and back the 1+ is faster. Also I'm sure non of you guys struggle with this but coming from iPhone the battery life is amazing.
Digant Khimani
No one can beat the beast one plus 7 pro it's a performance monster....😱😱😱🤘👑
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Oneplus 7 Pro China Version Review OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 2 days ago   13:54


一加 7 Pro 的长板也很明显,就是这块与三星联合定制的 Fluid AMOLED 显示屏,在 2K 级别分辨率双曲面的基础上,还加上了 90Hz 刷新率。