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An Expensive Camera Won’T Make | Street Photography In Malaysia - Moments - At Up-Tube.com

an expensive camera won’t make Street Photography in Malaysia - Moments 2 days ago   07:37

Jessica Kobeissi
Is it the camera, or is it the photographer? I use a beginner level DSLR in a photoshoot for today's video to test the theory that "the more expensive your camera, the better your photos will be."

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Byond_ Dave
Megan Marie
I feel like the camera does have something to do with the photo. I’m using the canon powershot sx610 (it’s a point and shoot camera with no manual settings). If I had a better camera, my photos would definitely be better. But I definitely do think that the photographer plays a big part in the final result when it’s between 2 different DSLRs. But when it’s between point and shoot and DSLR, the gear plays a bigger role.
that lighter near the outlet plug bothers me, isn't that dangerous?
by the way as far as I know, the Canon rebel T100 or EOS 4000D is the Cheapest DSLR price around $200
Shouldn't have said to the hospital and back, should've said it's been to the Pokemon center, full heal
Anna Rose
Ok but you look stunning 😭
The Last King
Also it don't make you look better
This is half bullshit, yes it wont make you, but it helps alot, like give same person d7000 or d750 and differance is huge, where you can go up to 1k iso conpared to 8k for no noise, about AF in low light i wont even speak of
Camera is tool and ofc phitographer is 90% but those 10% make differance tbh, alteast to me
Terese Corrales
I have a t6i and this basically showed me that I need to work on my editing and practice more. She just showed me my potential. Thank you.
Joe Tekopua
Just a question? What lens did you use on your 5D almost to the end of your video?
Ardit Kryeziu
i feel like this is a ego boost for you. Is it just me.
Tom Kushal
All those people who are complaining about your expensive gear are the ones who shoot in Auto mode!
Corey Urquhart
Some of my best shots were taken on a cell phone that cost $100 from Wal-Mart. I'm using a Praktica 35mm now, can't wait to see how my first roll turns out.
Albin Prem
If you want better quality, you need better equipment. Period. The difference is evident when you use the 50mm 1.8. So don’t tell people that equipment doesn’t matter at all.
no one
what is the name of the camera plz!!!
what is your camera setting?
jay v
Terry JP
Äyran Vlogs
yeah she is right. I have the canon 6d Mark 11 and it does not make me world famous
kyle richardson
The first to know your a good photographer is that your audience is saying this bullshit haha. Good work
Firsterjoy L Marshillong
Oh please Rebel Camera is highly expensive
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Street Photography in Malaysia - Moments an expensive camera won’t make 2 days ago   12:12

Join me in Kuala Lumpur for Episode 3 of "Moments in Time" where we take a journey around the world together, and share about photography, travel, people, food, experiences, and everything that happens between the frames I capture.

In this episode, we take a double-decker limousine bus over the border from Singapore to Malaysia. The scenery quickly changes from a metropolitan cityscape to a lush countryside until we arrive in the densely populated Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Local photographer, Yaman Ibrahim, shares his passion for street photography with us and some of his favorite spots in the historic old quarter. Then he takes me outside my comfort zone to shoot some colorful characters around the secondhand market, Pasar Karat, near the famous Petaling Street.

No visit to Kuala Lumpur would truly be complete without some cityscape photography. Learn how I use Jedi Mind Control and ninja tactics to inconspicuously set up my tripod, where no tripods are allowed, and capture the rapidly changing sunset and blue hour light over the world-famous Petronas Twin Towers.

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