THE PRODIGY Official Teaser Trailer PARKING LIKE AN ASSHOLE REVENGE!!! 4 months ago   02:46

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There’s something wrong with Miles. Watch the first trailer for THE PRODIGY, coming to theaters February 8, 2019. #WhatsWrongWithMiles

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Manager Tolo
The actual ghost is the woman, and haunting the kid
1:39 Sans is that you
Camya Clark
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ashley sparks
Is this worth watching?
Lisa Bowers
I have to admit I was not expecting the boy to become that thing. Omg creepy
The Coach
Does anybody know the song the kid kept humming throughout the movie? It may have been a Hungary and song
Brianna Cruz
He has somthing inside of him
Moon Movie Review
The Prodigy Movie Review -
i legit thought that was an enimem origins movie
oracle86_ _
Just got done seeing this . Really fucking good. I highly recommend it
Langley Express
I’m tired of the same little white boy act.
HeRaven ,
I think this LITLLE boy is George from it.
Bree P
I ending I was shocked and started laughing
Foxy123 TV
I dont get it
Mia Gandee
The Prodigy FuII Movie :
Yung Camo
I went to see it yesterday
Manuel Ortiz
I thought everyone seen this trailer when I seen it in theatres until he ran and hugged is mom and everyone's scream in the theatres made me scream.. fuckin dicks
Bread Doge
Uhhhh is this a murder movie?
Baki Özbekir
Größte scheiß
Clasher Creeper - SeahawkJack22
i wish georgie done this in IT
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PARKING LIKE AN ASSHOLE REVENGE!!! THE PRODIGY Official Teaser Trailer 4 months ago   11:48

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