THE PRODIGY Official Teaser Trailer PARKING LIKE AN ASSHOLE REVENGE!!! 6 months ago   02:46

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There’s something wrong with Miles. Watch the first trailer for THE PRODIGY, coming to theaters February 8, 2019. #WhatsWrongWithMiles

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Raziel Dark
horror with jump scare, pretty basic.
Viktoria Famulson
Just saw it. This kid deserves a Oscar for his incredible performance. Omg 👍👍
Debbie McLinden
awful trailer ,i dont get why somebody spends millions getting a movie made just to fuck it up by putting a trailer like that out,dont they know the trailer is the hook,show the exciting bits,not that snoozefest
That scared the crap outta me
Finn Morrow
Big giant boy killed mama
Cai Gausden
the last bit of this teaser, with the mother was quite predictable and uninteresting; but the whole scene before has perfect suspense
Altide Svensson
Nothing happens in this trailer at all
Kittens' Cats'Angels'GOD'S
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Ashley Rivas
when did the movie come out or did it still not come out beacause it says 2018
Viktoria Famulson
About to watch this, not sure if am ready tho
Scorpion 1
Danii •
Does anybody know the name of the song that miles hums in the movies?
The Man Becky Lynch Straight fire
The bite of pennywise gives you supernatural powers
Rize 18
Lucius Wagner is real...
Stephanie Lane
i didnt see that ending coming at all i was like WHAT!!!!!! lol
Super Dumper
Is this Owlman's origins?
Oguz Ozturk
The soundtrack of the film must be The prodigy (band) track
Viktoria Famulson
I got hypnotized this Most be the scariest trailer l have ever seen.
Khal Netherfields
i dont believe i can be hypnotised without drugs. a doctor tried when i was a kid, it didnt work
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PARKING LIKE AN ASSHOLE REVENGE!!! THE PRODIGY Official Teaser Trailer 6 months ago   11:48

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