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How Did Red Robin Get So Big? | Comic Sans - How Can Someone Hate - At Up-Tube.com

How Did RED ROBIN Get So Big? Comic Sans - How Can Someone Hate 7 months ago   11:57

Company Man
Red Robin is celebrating their 50th anniversary and I would call it a successful 50 years. This video talks about how a single location has transformed into one of the largest restaurant chains in America.

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Do Culver's
Vince Lestrade
I like Red Robin. I love all the stuff you can put on their burgers, the garlic fries, and the drinks.
North Rails
I got a add for robinhood...

They must be brothers :o
Miss Phoenix
Anyone else notice the IHob?
Warlord calithar
I love red Robin burgers
ashley ortega
We don't even have a red robins near us, I have never been
Austin Leatham
The one in my town lasted about 6 months. This was last year. The restaurant red Robin moved into was completely renovated by the company, and the location was damn near perfect. It was located along the busiest roads in town and next to 2 heavily populated and popular shopping centers.

Service was trash. Went there once and was so disappointed with everything.... even the beer wasnt satisfying!
I like Red Robin, but you can tell they are in trouble, when they want to give you less fries when you get your burger.
Johnny DuzIt
Red Robin has always been one of my favorites. It’s sad what happened to Snyder. I hope Red Robin can survive this because I sure do love their bottomless french fries. 🤔🤔🤔🙁🤞🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Michelle the Human
My husband and I go once a week because this is the only restaurant in town besides Buffalo WIld Wings that doesn't use toxic hydrogenated vegetable oil to fry their foods. They use real beef tallow aka beef fat! Good job Red Robin.
Everytime i hear it i think of Tim Drake
Sabrina Mitchell
Lol when i clicked on this before it even loaded i sang the jingle and them you did as soon as it started. They mustve did something right in their marketing department
Life Quest
I heard about RED ROBIN when I was in high school. I remember the slogan "RED ROBIN, MMmmmm".
When I was working down town Chicago, one of the employees talked about RED ROBIN all the time, said when he and his family ate out, they went to RED ROBIN. I had not tried the RR yet.
We had a RED ROBIN built near my location so with a friend, we went there for take out. We ordered their Gormet burger and it smelled great. We got to the house and opened the box, I took a bite, and YUK, the burger was uncooked on the inside.
Some time later someone was talking about having dinner at RED ROBIN. He ordered the Gormet Burger and TOLD the waiter to tell the cook to make sure the burger is completely cooked. When his burger came to the table, he cut it open and the burger was uncooked on the inside. He sent it back and when it came back, it was still Uncooked.
RED ROBIN SUCKS and the only thing cool about them is their jingle. When I drive by a RED ROBIN I put up my hand and yell "READ BETWEEN THE LINES"!

Its a shame that song was derated because a crappy restaurant was named after it. The song writer should have sued them for ruining a good song.
Chris Torok
I worked at Red Robin for 2 days. For the first time, my band had more shows than I had work. So I quit and played the shows and made more money from playing shows than from working for the first time.
Darth_ Pørg
Thank you very much for the song. It’s one of those songs that just makes you happy
They got rid of poutine 🤦🏼‍♀️
I love the restaurant, but my nearest location is going way down in quality and service. The employees are angry, and justifiably so, according to them. It shows through to the customer experience.
William King
I ate at red robin Anaheim in 1989 great Burger had a good experience with the staff.
Mike surely took it had with the SEC incident he paid it back and should just be penalizes and not fired
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Comic Sans - How Can Someone Hate How Did RED ROBIN Get So Big? 7 months ago   07:47

Comic Sans is easily one of the most disliked fonts. Before I used it in a recent video, I had no idea this was the case. This video takes a look into the font and attempts to explain the hatred.

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