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Red Robin is celebrating their 50th anniversary and I would call it a successful 50 years. This video talks about how a single location has transformed into one of the largest restaurant chains in America.

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I love red robins food, but the customer service (atleast near me) is horrible many times. Once they messed up my order and got mad when I called to request it to be fixed, and instead blamed it on me after offering a replacement just to spite me I guess ? The customer is definitely not always right at that location
Muhammad Lee
Red Robin always gives me a tough time in the bathroom so I dont go there anymore
Leo Chang
When an CEO is also the Chairman of the board.. that is s red flag for corporate shenanigans
RR is the only place where we we're told we couldn't be seated in a half empty place. You could see the panic in the hostesses faces. Something was up... It's actually the only place I ever found and insect in my food too (different state/location).
Darth Sarcasm
My first job out of high school was as a dishwasher at the still there Vancouver (WA) Mall location. I worked there from 1991-1993 and was promoted to line cook. Wasn't too bad for a first real job.
Sabrinita Life
Love love love love red robin. Sadly there aren't stores near where I live . I live in Atlanta but the closest red Robin is 38 miles away
Life With Todd
Does anyone else take the balloon of the pole thing and blow it up themeselves
Parker Nelson
I’m never been to red robin
Edward Travels
We really liked the original Red Robin and were sad to see if close and torn down. Wish they’d reopen a Red Robin in the same area
Alexander Johnson
cover hertz vs enterprise
Benji Smith
You never brought up there own beer brand! Mike seems like he had other demons than a an under $2m penalty. I'm sure alot of people learned from his successes
My dad has been going to the one in Olympia, WA (about an hour away from Seattle) since it opened about 30 years ago. My family has gone for everyone's birthday. My parents 25 years ago stopped there after their wedding in the limo my mom still in her over the top 80's fever dream of a dress and my dad in his tux; the guests at the wedding ate all the food my dad had prepared and all the cake while they were taking pictures! They got food for themselves and the driver, lol. It's a nice family tradition. I think their food is fine and come on the FRIES are the bomb!
Messr's kitchen
I had a good experience working for them. Back in like 04 I opened a location in Phoenix and we were in fire. Made good money serving there. I worked there for 3 years and everyone else was there forever too. I became a chef, but I learned alot about good management at my store anyway.
James Boswell
In my experience after you get three orders of the bottomless fries the waiter stops checking on you. You actually have to wave or call them over.
25th Century Gamer
Great brand, comparable to Applebee’s. I see Applebee’s and Red Robin as equals
Sam C.
Can I tell you... the manager and the staff in “Fort Wayne Indiana” suck a big cock!!!!!! They can go fuck themselves or I hope they die! Can somebody please take this restaurant out of our city because everybody fucking hate them because they are fucking horrible!!!!!!!!!
Doug Dozier Jr.
Great branding but I've never enjoyed a burger there. More often than not the fries are not hot enough. This is from multiple visits at carious locations in multiple states. Las time I was there the manager was upset so many people were there just to watch the NBA Finals because he didn't like sports
Jimmy Carruba
Mike is a good guy
Raul Figueroa
where can i download that version of the song????
My went to one to celebrate my brother's boyfriend birthday there, after being seated and the waiter taking our order I promptly hear my mom sitting besides me trying not to scream and pushing against me to find out that a cockroach just decided to come out nowhere and chill with us while we waited, mofo was big too.
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Comic Sans - How Can Someone Hate How Did RED ROBIN Get So Big? 4 months ago   07:47

Comic Sans is easily one of the most disliked fonts. Before I used it in a recent video, I had no idea this was the case. This video takes a look into the font and attempts to explain the hatred.


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