Kevin Corrigan with Natasha "Orange Is the New Black" | Talks at Google 7 months ago   1:00:35

Kevin Corrigan
The Corrigan Show hosted by KEVIN CORRIGAN, with special guests NATASHA LYONNE, ABBI JACOBSON and ILANA GLAZER
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Directed by: Edmond Hawkins
Produced by: Billy Nord, Kevin Corrigan, Edmond Hawkins
Director of Photography: Brandon Ziegenfuss
Edited by: Edmond Hawkins, Andrew Carranza
Sound: Barry London
Camera Operators: Joe Bonacci, David Eber, Randall Hall
Digital Imaging Technician: David Eber
Still Photography: Maggie Walsh, Seth Olenick

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William Houston
"Bananas." Pun intended?
Was this at Over the Eight??
Jessica Cakuls
I quoted Natasha when she's talking about carrying Norman Mailer. I think I've seen this 20 times in the last week (what?!). NL gives such life and funniness and honesty.
Carmen Abate
I loooove all these ladies so much...i hope Natasha comes on broad city someday.
Hey Ma
well well well, this was a sweet find.
Erin Steele
I totally get Ilana meeting Natasha. Just....Gaaaah amazing. Such an incredible panel.
hella kawaii
Natasha "You Know What I Mean?" Lyonne
Raine Mackenzie
they're all definitely on drugs
i can hear ilana laugh @1:23 lol love it
Isabel Beneros
TASHA 😍😍😍👌🏿
Alina Z.
I saw Natasha's interview on THE VIEW - and as i was watching it i was like: Oh, stop it! I mean you could see that she kind of "struggled" with those questions. And now to hear how she really felt during and after the interview makes me so sad!
Somewhat Damaged
I love everyone in this interview so much its just so perfect
Nat Réme
This was so beautiful lol
Man I'm so glad to kind of hear her version of events revolving her interview with Barbara Walters. I remember the first time I watched her The View interview and kept thinking: "Wow pushy much, Barbara?".
Kevin Beattie
you can't say shit tho because I have seen every episode of Girls. and like no one else has, wtf
Kevin Beattie
THANK YOU. love. ill have to pay homage to Orange is The new, now. But first, Broad City. Haven't watched it since I was watching workaholics trying to blackout by the start of the next show. Fucking Nick Kroll troll
thankyouthankyouthankyou this is amazing. I feel lucky to have experienced this from the west coast in the comfort of my slummy apartment. Kevin and Natasha are such special humans. LOU LIVES
Sue R
when was this filmed? If they were writing Season 2, this is probably early 2014
Alanna Santini
HOW DID I MISS THIS? dream team right there
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"Orange Is the New Black" | Talks at Google Kevin Corrigan with Natasha 7 months ago   53:24

Can't wait for Season 2 of OITNB? Join us for a LIVE Google Q&A @ 2:15 PST with Uzo Aduba, Natasha Lyonne, and Yael Stone from Orange Is The New Black!