How One Tech Company is Changing Grassroots Canada Alone in the World? 2 days ago   03:38

Wall Street Journal
MobilizeAmerica is becoming the go-to platform for Democrats mobilizing grassroots activists and volunteers. Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and other 2020 presidential hopefuls are using it. WSJ’s Jason Bellini sat down with the company's founders. Photos: AP and Getty

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Adam Binyamin
Isnt that discrimination on part of political affiliation?
Jim Tsai
Wah! This is so high tech approach. receive email from candidates every day with messages. This is amazing.
Skies Noteable
It’s amazing how the WSJ is the most corrupt out of all of them
Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman
People support Bernie because of his policies and no amount of tech and gimmicks by corporate dems is going replace grassroot support for good policy.
Kelp Farming
Bootygieg wont win a single black vote. A white h0m0sexual? Yeh, exactly. But the liberals are so hopeful. Yeh, rub a lamp
Margarita Martinez
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unity love
Bilbo Sinclair
There is so much guilt among people who work for good companies like Bain and Co. that they feel the need to go out and create technology for race/identity politics peddling democrats. Only goes to show how effective our leftist culture is.
You would have to be a f****** moron to vote for Kamala Harris she is corrupt as her piece of s*** affiliate Kim Foxx
Lol Demoncrat campaigns are anything but “grassroots”. These bastards get crazy positive coverage, despite only thinking about
votes and changing the demographics to suit their need.
parasite communist trash of america demkkkrates destroying USA, deport all of them
I like how each of the candidates in the thumbnail are establishment status quo puppets. Not an ounce oft true grassroots momentum behind any of them. Add all their polling together and they don't even beat Elizabeth Warren in the polling aggregate...
H Pn
Why are three Democrats on this one.
Where's the tech?
Jacob M
I am kinda glad that they are only doing democrats. Another 4 years of Trump is not something I could deal with.
HA all of those candidates are corporate shills, no surprise
A Cause
Republicans: invented the college vote, and made it harder for people of color to vote. To control the results.

Democrats:hold my 2018 technology
castello west
Those are not grass roots folks. Like obama, they are all corporate whores!
I thought Google is gonna make something like Fuchsia OS
Looking at the dislikes, this video is gonna be bad
Vagabond Wastrel
Does the company specialize in training dishonest journalists to code?
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Canada Alone in the World? How One Tech Company is Changing Grassroots 2 days ago   31:35

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