Headquake's RC - #172 (building a Dodge RC ADVENTURES - Chrome Tamiya King 1 day ago   17:47

Here is a video of me building a Dodge M37 body from scratch. Edited down to 17 minutes from 3 hours of footage from 60 hours of build time. I hope it can entertain and inspire folks to be creative and make things. The body is made mostly with 3mm thick PVC sheet called Komacel, glued with CA glue. Driver is pine wood, bumper is aluminum. Rides on a GCM 4ten leafed chassis and tcase, rc4wd K44 axles, axial trans, tekin esc and motor.

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Q material usa
Amitava Mitra
More video like this
Murat Bayrak
Spectacular.Thanks for the video.
Daniele Mulazzi
Hristo Bachvarov
Great craftsmanship, really enjoyed this. Some builds something from scratch not ordering online and then assembling!!! Well done
Miniaturas do Rob
jims garage
Human 3d printer!! Sweet videos!...I could get in trouble watching these @ work 🤣🤣
Brian Chappell
great build, love it
Gregg hatfield
I think this model just looks like junk,, you should just send it to me so I can further inspect it and give you a 2nd opinion...... and I will just go ahead and keep it so that you can regain you respect as a modeler .... lol. Just kidding - that my friend is amazing and well done.
Stephen Borunda
you are a master sir!
Anthony Kalnoski
Ever find one of them videos where you sit & watch the ENTIRE video? I just found that video here! The builder created a masterpiece with this build. After watching this video I just had to subscribe to this chanel. A fantastic build you did there!
Twity Maldonado
Hola, alguien sabe que material es el que usan? Gracias
Giba um pouco de tudo
Simplesmente um gênio
Amjith M G
Which materials is used?
Tachira Es Noticias
What kind of material do you use, what are these white sheets called?
Erwin Chandra
Looks better
Walt Bellamy
you my friend have been blessed !!!!!! thank you for shareing : }
nice nice nice nice nice
ZTBG kevin Nguyen
I like you, I'm really fascinated by your products, I wish I could meet you and take with you a photo
Celso Santos
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RC ADVENTURES - Chrome Tamiya King Headquake's RC - #172 (building a Dodge 1 day ago   05:30

Click Here To Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU - Getting out for a few minutes of RC Trucking today. Life has been busy.. being a Dad takes most of my time. BUT! I know my RC ADDiCTS are waiting for fun Radio Control Trucks to roll.. so here we go!

The truck doing the pulling is a Tamiya King Hauler. 1/14th Scale. It is electric with the Tamiya MFUC (Multi Function Control Unit). It makes the Sounds, controls the lights, and of course shakes that truck. The Chrome body is a special edition (still able to find), but getting rare as it was "discontinued".

The Trailers in this video are for different purposes. I am new to RC Trucking (Hauling that is.. ) and am still working on maximizing my driving skills.

The 8x8 Dump Truck is indeed Hydraulic. I got the Truck from a company called RC4WD.
you can find their "heavy machinery" at this link: http://store.rc4wd.com/Heavy-Machinery_c_154.html

Enjoy my friends! I know I did!

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