Top 20 Unexpected Goals In Football Comedy Football 2017: Bizzare, 5 months ago   05:50


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Prakash K Sangameshwaramath
Kasperi Siiki
Finland?! 4:06
Dorian Šokić
19. Number feik
Manoj Surendhran
I loved the 6th one
Manoj Surendhran
1st was very good
Gregory Senat
Thanks for the video I'm using it for my physics homework
greg37 Zahui
What a fuke
0:28 FAKE
Antonio Cassano
4:51 la Gialappa's band
king anwar kanak jabsira
ปวิช พชรสินทรา
Chitragandha Mundekar
19 was fake
Number nineteen if you look at his face the ball goes through it
Anees Rahman
sonya Boguslavsky
Fake #19
Lenni Bäckman
Second was fake
Youtuber AV
Nice video
grow channel click here #YoutuberAV
Federico Grossi
Number 19 is absolutly fake
Thug Fish
Just made new vid
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