Two Door Cinema Club - Satellite Two Door Cinema Club - Satellite 1 day ago   04:41

BBC Radio 1
Two Door Cinema Club perform their new single Satellite in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge for Clara Amfo

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Aldebaran R Adhitya
Alex looks like he listened to this song more than 1000 times so much that he doesn't have emotions to express while singing this song
istvan elias zenteno
Simplemente es New Wave, vuelve a imponerse pero con un nuevo genero llamado synthpop. Muy buena composición.
Cameron Stanley
Alex literally looks like he wants to die throughout the whole thing 😂
Craig Cullen
Cheer the fuck up Alex.. Come n try my minimum wage job if you like 👍
Galo Villaran
Que buen tema lpqtp!!
Renato Fontes
those sideburns are awful xD
Mattz YT
3:19 I thought he just gave up singing the song
Awesome song, wish they did Dirty air as well!
Man the live version is just as good/better than the recording
He just CHILL
Dariana Ruiz
I used to be obsessed with TDCC when Undercover Martyn and Sleep Alone were on repeat, and this is the first song I’ve listened after so many years. ALEX HAS CHANGED SO MUCH.
When the chorus hits, you gotta do the dance from their music video!
Tea and Biscuits
Richard Francis
Lord SipSip approves!!
Alan Rodríguez
Is there a vídeo where the vocalist doesn't look dead inside while playing live?
Carlos Ortega
TDCC, bienvenidos al terreno de las calificaciones, yó te doy un notable!!!!.
RachelPlays Beyblade
theyre so underrated, i love them!
TalkL.F.C madT.V
This is definitely going to be in Fifa 20
Melline Nuzzi
Bem legal
Af Hy
I'm obsessed with this song, but this version seems a little... Underwhelming? But no bother, they're all so talented
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Two Door Cinema Club - Satellite Two Door Cinema Club - Satellite 1 day ago   04:20

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