Exclusive Interview Benedict Cumberbatch Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Decorate 4 months ago   02:28

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Benedict is brilliant at multitasking and he gives so much of himself (making the Grinch, Patrick Melrose, Doctor Strange, Brexit etc. at the same time) which is great for us fans, but I hope he gets more time to himself and to spend with his family xx
Disliked it, not because of the interview, but because of the size of the scoop logo and the way it is placed. I mean wth? Totally irritating. Why not go all in and plaster it all over the video, cause it's obviously the most important thing for the uploader? FFS
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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Decorate Exclusive Interview Benedict Cumberbatch 4 months ago   07:00

The actor lends his voice to the title character in 'Dr. Seuss' The Grinch,' out Nov. 9.

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