Film Theory: Is Jake Paul's Reacting To True Story Scary 3 months ago   17:18

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Last episode we talked about the people running the Jake Paul show. Today Theorists, we're Examining just WHAT Jake Paul is putting out there. He’s admitted his audience is mostly kids and YouTube has some STRICT rules when it comes to kids. Do Jake Paul’s videos actually BREAK YouTube's rules? Let's find out!

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Thank you! This makes me sad because I know this merch shit is going to get youtube into deep waters and will definitely speed up the process of us getting hit with regulations. All because of one man's greed.
Harrison McDonald
Say it with me jake Paul sucks jake Paul sucks jake Paul sucks good kids next time we are gonna be learning about how Logan Paul sucks
Tyler Carlin
Really Mat because i could think of more than myself since i was very young 4 at the earliest i'd say and i know many children that can do the same at young ages below or during the preteen stage. So once again science is not always correct....a test done by people who already presume it to be a success or failure or at least have a relatively simple outcome say thinking children cannot think about as much as an adult because of growth...i mean the same thing could be said about how people constantly thought Goldfish couldn't remember anything which couldn't be further from the truth...assumptions made by people including scientists affect their ability to properly perferm tests and experiments like the ones used on the children.
I really don't understand how Jake Paul and people like him (along with any potential investors) are allowed to advertise and sell to children when their behavior indicates that you should do things which are amoral at best and straight up illegal at worst such as pretending to police officers or setting mattresses on fire. Generally I'd say that YouTube does not have enough positive role models and quality content for children.
Lest start a sueing riot againts Jake Paul, i would be verry happy so
So JAKES chanell is for 6-11 year olds, WELP SCREW YOU, YOU SUCK JAKE
The Adventures of Hamstore!
Jake Paul will do anything illegal just to make a quick penny
Abby Parks
Jake Paul openly said that he thinks his audience is 8 to 16 years olds. Those limitations qualify to 6-11 years olds, so wouldn't that make 37.5% of his audience technically kids? Please, correct me if my math is wrong..
Rainee Buchanan
Shane sold out for the views
chanz moody
Jake Paul said that he wanted people to have something to make them happy when we all know that RomanAtwood is the O.G when it comes to smiling and feeling good and is an actual good person and YouTuber
yo do you know what BDFI is?
You are a kids show you tick all the boxes in the list
Miaya Herbst
I just have to say that if your audience is between 8-16 you probably shouldn’t show
~Naked people
~Sexual innuendos
~And so on.
Like seriously that why it’s hard to keep kids innocent these days bc some adults can’t be responsible😣
i luv yoo
A Shane Dawson and MatPat collaboration.
Shane has conspiracy theories
MatPat has Movie/game theorys
i still think the guy is a creep
Nuka eli07
Jake Paul should get arrested
Forgotten Media
what is jimmy doing here
Mid 678
Ok Batman here my age is 6 and my moms credit card is2947 and. 19476295622 hope you beat him
scwidy dude
I think his age demographic is 2-9 year olds
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