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Syrian Refugees: The Hunt For Assad's | Lebanon: Sibling Of Syria | Al Jazeera - At Up-Tube.com

Syrian refugees: The hunt for Assad's Lebanon: Sibling of Syria | Al Jazeera 1 day ago   05:56

DW News
European investigators are tracking down Syrian agents believed to have tortured opponents of Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria. Some of these torturers fled the Syrian War applied for asylum in Europe. Now the refugee agents are to be charged in Europe with crimes against humanity that they committed in Syria.
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Comments 35 Comments

Inayet Hadi
Freedom to the Syrian people from the killer alawit assad dictatorship supported by putin (russia)
Mati Velázquez
_Is something really concrete or just speculations?_
_The members of the Mukhabarat (the secret police) are very well off and receive good pay for their sense of importance to the government, they have a place. They will not escape like an average civilian scared and with nothing to lose. There is no reason to deny the exceptions exist but don't expect to find mora than 200 ex-Mukhabarat in Europe._
Masha Scream
William Wiley i hope you prosecute those murderers.
Then investigate the idf for torture and murder........so justice and accountability can be served...........you will certaininly have a paper trail in israel.
The perpetrators of human suffering oftentimes come from the accusers.
Kazakh Doge
Do people in this comment section seriously think that Assad is not a dictator that would not use physical torture in order to crush dissent?
Bourak Maghrebi
We will never close an eye till we achieve what we suffered for!
Freedom to Syria! And all the Arabic world!
Talk about bad reporting...
The funny thing is; prior to the attempted Syrian Coup, the CIA would regularly send Assad prisoners they wanted tortured.
Assad did it to keep in the 'good books' with the west...
So go find those torturers, and the CIA people, and lock them all up until the end of their days.
Red Pill
Why don't you hunt for the generals and world leaders that destroyed Libya and Syria and Iraq and murdered millions of unarmed civilians?
la mexicana
Sweden and Norway give asylum to these criminals ! Now Sweden awards the Nobel prize for the torture!
Yola Peters
And Isis jihadi you let alone?
damien l
This people don't want democracy human right. They only want Islamic sharia law and a caliphate they are evil wicked. very sad to see this poor people suffer.🙏🙏🙏
Andre graça
How can we trust our governments if torturers and rapists are allowed to enter Europe unchecked. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARE REBELLING THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. How can they put their own people in risk so match in-responsibility.
Why are they in Europe?
Sane people everywhere thank the Leader of the Free World, Vladimir Putin, for defeating the ISIS, saving Syria's sovereign independent, and protecting Syria's ancient heritage from destruction by barbarians. You can even look up the concert performed by Mariinsky Orchestra at Palmyra after Russia liberated it. The whole carnage in Syria wouldn't even have happened if Western countries didn't instigate a Syrian Civil War or an Arab Winter.
Why are we not making a video of all the victims tortured by NATO?
Who were the white helmets, really? UNC TV aired their video.
waffi serghini idrissi
Money money...
Ahmad A.
It’s spelled torturers..
Alistair Giles Smith
*torturers please use a spellchecker
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Lebanon: Sibling of Syria | Al Jazeera Syrian refugees: The hunt for Assad's 1 day ago   02:58

Syria’s conflict has been leaking out of its borders, but in few places are risks higher than in Lebanon.

Divided at birth by French colonial design after World War I, both states were destined to be bound by a common fate, but over the years their relationship was to prove uneasy - like that of rival siblings.

Only in 2008 did the two countries formalise diplomatic ties for the first time since both gained independence from France in the 1940s.

Recounting their history, this film helps explain how Syria and Lebanon are inextricably tied together - the fate of one defining that of the other.

"Lebanon has always been the entry point for any intervention in Syria’s internal affairs. During the past 40 years, we got used to hearing people rejecting the Syrian intervention in Lebanese affairs. But the truth is all the coups that took place in Syria between 1949 and 1970 had been planned in Beirut. Beirut was the starting point for the planning and the logistic support for every coup in Syria," says Jamal Wakim, a history professor at the Lebanese International University.

This historical journey helps explain how ongoing sectarian conflict in Syria risks setting off the powder keg of Lebanon.

"For the first time since 1970, when Hafez al-Assad came to power, up until now, Lebanon misses the spirit of the ‘big brother’. The oppressive spirit that also brings our people together. We can’t just wonder how the current situation in Syria would affect life in Lebanon. This is a serious issue. And we need to think more about it," says Nahla Chahal, a researcher and journalist."

This film looks at the history of the turbulent relationship between Syria and Lebanon - a history of sibling nations that bodes ill for the future.

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