Here's Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! World's First Person To Drive 1 week ago   11:21

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Found It! We take a look under the hood and figure out why this car was totaled out. This should be an interesting rebuild!

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Brian Phelps
JB Weld .... Works every time....or duct tape!
Good luck but this is not going to be easy. There is a reason Audi takes the car apart after damage like this. Just a little welding is not going to fix this. You might make money but you will be paying with your time. Tx for the video I enjoyed it.
Jan Seidel
I hope this is the only damage.
Weld it and reinforce with a patch with hole pattern. Weld and fill the holes and then weld the outer rim of the patch.
I would even consider to have the piece rebuilt with stainless steel for both sides. Then glue and bolt it together.
Cracking Bodies...! In this Case, I don't like the Sound of that..! These Manufacturers need to rethink Building High End or Excutive Cars out of Aluminium as this will render you car, Scrap...! It is just to Brittle a Metal for some aspects of Car Building.
@2:20 "It just doesn't make any sense[ to repair things, let's just throw it away and get a new one...]" and this is why the earth is fucked.
DynamicSines GaborBalintKovacs
worst made car ever
Tony Stark
Crack is wack
Budget Audio
jack up at the frame and make sure both sides are even, grab a piece of aluminum and weld it back on
Should've taken the Ferrari.. Audi is a four letter word.
It makes sense to me, it's just another piece of shit German car. Stay away from that crap, they are horrible and are nothing but a money pit and headaches!
Chaos27 Chaos
Bullshit crap video
Nothing a lil flex seal can't fix
bill hanna
If it was pink & wet HMm
Hugo Seguin
Give me 2 days a angle grinder with a wire brush and some cutting disk couple pieces of aluminium and my tig torch ive repaired way worse.
Alberto Aldana
Easy fix strut is apply pressure to frame
Jon Blon
That crack is wack
Jake Chadwick
Seriously. I’ll plasma up a reforcememt bracket
So expensive vehicles with cheap engineering.
Mike Andsandrad
I'd install a completely steel Firewall and build it like an American car. Actually easier than it sounds.
What's the track that plays around 3 mins in?
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World's First Person To Drive Here's Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! 1 week ago   14:56

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