Here's Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! World's First Person To Drive 2 months ago   11:21

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Found It! We take a look under the hood and figure out why this car was totaled out. This should be an interesting rebuild!

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Motocrash Factory
Just tig an aluminum plate to it why bother ordering their brace when you could build it for less
Aminah Batiste
😂😂😂 smh
Allan Radman, D.C.
Thought there might be an R8 class action lawsuit so I googled it. Turns out there are a lot of Audi recalls/lawsuits etc for so many Audi models! Yikes! I don't think I'd ever buy an Audi, even at salvage.
Ivan Hernandez
let me know what you think about that crack!
Gregory Wheeler
Yeah and its a worthless piece of shit now
Your surprised to find a crack on a totalled R8... mate I wouldn’t let you set the time on my watch let alone work on that!
Ty theknot
Just sell the car to me
Paul Rogers
9:00 you're welcome
Earth Resident
ashkenazis always know how to make money ...
Liebel Schlesinger
Sam, this is the first time I've come across your channel and I really enjoyed the video. However, VAG stands for Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, and nothing to do with Audi... :-P
Garry Gemmell
Is this for real - even if you got it repaired it would never pass an MOT in the UK!
You spent $45000 on that man you must be completely mad!
Or more likely this is just another dummy video but well done you got 39k views and you did give some interesting information about why you should never buy an Audi lol!
Only car worse than an Audio is Mercedes just ask Scotty Kilmer!
Jensen Interceptor
It's a Samcrack!!
Insight Eins
I would disassemble the car and sell the parts. (and newer ever think about an R8)
Let your "dream cars" into your dreams but don`t let them destroy your reality.
Michael Kimrey
"I'm surprised to find under carriage damage under the undercarriage after buying a car listed with undercarriage damage ".... What?
reSpect MAn420
i say fuck that crack..thats what i think
Cloverleaf Q2
Great German engineering hahaha, but Germans are great on hiding and keeping their mouth shut when they fail..aka VW scandal, not official statement unless it comes on the news!!!
mark miller
Ohh my, Audi aluminum structural shop owner. You cannot buy the structural parts unless you are an Audi structural shop. You can not pull this vehicle, it is glued and riveted together. Pulling anywhere on car will damage it in other areas. No Audi dealer or certified shop will sell you the parts, they will lose their 500,000 dollar certification investment.
Don't do anything half ass .... that's all I can tell you ....Stu Per said it correctly.....
So do you have another video after this one?
Mercenary J
Saw the first video and this ride. Each to their own. But what a P.O.S. I'll stick with my oldskool ironhorses, my 58" Chev Bellair sport coupe and my daily driver I have a custom Chev Nova SS. Both cars I won at auctions years ago. And both cars didn't cost me as much as this p.o.s plastic audio computerized garbage. Look at new cars today lolol Just to get to the gotdamn battery on this p.o.s would make me want to throw this ride in a metal shredder. You got ripped off winning this piece of junk at a auction and its going to cost you as much to repair it like the new price tag on this car lol. But, hey if your rich, do what you want. But I wouldn't advise going this route, especially if your working at minimum wage job and such lol. Heck, I could not imagine what insurance cost, regular maintenance, tires, I bet if you brought it to the garage for a normal oil change, the mechanics there will say, hey is a Audi R8, it requires special platinum oil, so that alone will cost you over $150 to change the oil and filter lolol etc. etc. Shit, just strip the ride down and sell it all for parts. You'd triple your profit and not have a headache. At over $40,000 for a p.o.s that don't run with computer issues, hatch issues, this n that lol You could've used your money on plenty of more exotic rides that actually do run with a warranty too lol. I witnessed at auction a man winning a Shelby for $52,000, which are way more rare, more collectible and again it was in beautiful mint running condition. Plus, American Iron always sounds better too, without all that gotdamn computer nonsense. And once you win a oldskool ride like that, its literally over %70 cheaper to maintain it, you can work on it yourself easily and insurance also is %90 cheaper then this p.o.s audio r8 junk. Even if I were rich, I wouldn't waste my cash on a ride that costs over $100,000 on mass produced plastic, computer, garbage. Support your local car-bike builders, buy American! Again, each to their own. But personally, what waste!
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World's First Person To Drive Here's Why My Cheap Audi R8 was TOTALED! 2 months ago   14:56

Crazy moment when I'm handed the keys to drive the Devel Sixteen! Apart from the manufacturers, I'm the first person to drive this incredible car. This Hypercar is going in to production next year with three models, ranging from a 2000HP V8 to a 5000HP V16 Quad-Turbo!

Thank you to the creators - The Al Attar Brothers for letting me test it.

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Emma - @missemmawalsh