Bernie Madoff Scandal | Where Victims of Bernard Madoff's Financial 1 day ago   03:27

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Seven years after Ponzi scheme collapsed, what happened to the key characters?

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BS Catcher
Hahaha the wife kept 2.5 mil? That's enough to live comfortably forever.
I like most of the comments. People r waking up! one, small, thief is thrown in jail; to confuse us...
all these, from this creepy video, should be in jail...
John Presnell
They're all Jewish correct?
NYC girl
Who prepared those documents. Are those people in jail. Ruth knew. & is a piece of shit.
pretty pumpkin
that cell mate/ bank robber sure was a looker..
Lucky Daniel
His name betrays him....MAD-OFF.....HE IS REALLY MAD
Easy Spanish With Luz
wao talk about a downfall... from a millionaire family of four to an old lady pushing her own shopping cart at the grocery store. I did not know the second son had die from cancer. Incredible how one old man can ruin so many lives including his own family. Money is the root of all evil.
Rent To Own Rent To Own
150 years?
The people that write the laws are up-side-down. If you kill another human being you may get in some cases less then 7 years while if you rob people you get a hundred -and -fifty years????
Ruth Elizabeth
Some people can get away with destroying evidence, some people can't. Lucky you Hillary.
Once a thief, will always be a thief. Its in his genes, passed on to his sons, into his grandchildren
joseph hopkins
In prison he cornered the market on hot chocolate!
Lorne Taylor
Another Oswald ...
Tahutini jonathan
You will always get back what you deserve...there’s no escape ☝️..never !!..always pay as you go
Jack Garand
KEEP STOLEN MONEY? In what corrupt country can you keep 2.5 million STOLEN dollars??
Nick Floyd
Don’t give back a penny to all those greedy investors! They deserve what happened to them!
Cindy Fairbrother
I don’t feel sorry for these greedy billionaires
Robert Patterson
bernie is extremely interested is his coverage,,,???? how about u tube comments,???? fuck u bernie , scumbag,. glad ur sons r dead,....2.5 mil for that cunt ,?????
Tom Bluewater
The two sons are dead. And Bernie Madoff is still alive.
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Victims of Bernard Madoff's Financial Bernie Madoff Scandal | Where 1 day ago   03:16

Bert Brodsky. Vanity Fair, April 2009.

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Victims of Bernard Madoff's Financial Fraud: Bert Brodsk