EA Sports FIFA 19 - Top 15 Best Goals WWE 2K18 Extreme Moments: Special 9 months ago   10:58

15 Best FIFA 19 Goals feat Cristiano Ronaldo, Neyman Jr., Messi, Alex Morgan and Many More!

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Submit your goals and be the star of the next video: https://espninja.me/Fifa19
Daniel Hooker
also if ur gonna number them:
A.) put them in order of quality not just random
B.)start with 15 and count down to the best if u want people to watch, if the first goal i see is the best one im way less likely to stick around much past 5 or 10 TOPS
Daniel Hooker
are these all used scoring the double tap shoot thing, i heard thats trash and way OP'd so u can score stupid goals from aynwhere by timing the lil timing mini game right - also half these goals were legit below avg - and that last one does my head in, could just lay it off to the wide open guy makin the run into the opp half but no had to slow down just to do more tricks with c.ronaldo before scoring a good, but avg af goal esp with him.....i swear these are all from one dude

(whats with the arrows on screen is that a begginner tutorial thing/or just a setting nobody but this person/people turn on?)
Krishnan R
I score better goals in fut bro
Arif Ünal
ah come on this is easy goalllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssss
RpM_Lesroy Hippolyte
only impressed with 1 and 2 after that lame
Dino Dembele Jr
How can I get this game man
Ratna Sarkar
These goals are trash
Erik Takács
Nice goals in BEGINER
Erik Takács
Neymar Jr
More then saveg video
Deepa Pardhan
Fk u played at begginner bro
Very bad......
Chacko George Yogiaveedu
0:5 Ronaldo 😂
Khokz Angami
Worst ever
bijin babu
the worst game I ever seen... always player switching problem...
Michael Newton
Ronaldo doesn’t deserve his rating like if you agree
tripti dodiya
My legendary level keeper dives from a bottom corner to save a shot at top corner😂😂
Jack Caraher
I scored a better overhead kick
Leonardo Barbato
Messaggio per la ea sports..,,
Fifa è un gioco di merdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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WWE 2K18 Extreme Moments: Special EA Sports FIFA 19 - Top 15 Best Goals 9 months ago   10:28

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