The Decline of Nokia...What Happened? Nokia 9 Pureview Unboxing: Android 2 days ago   11:35

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Nokia was once dominant over the cell phone market, nearing a 40% market share (compare that to today when the largest company has about 20% market share). Yet today, they're virtually nonexistent in the market. This video takes a look at the rise and fall of Nokia.

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*To be clear, the Nokia company still exists today and is still fairly large, just much smaller than they once were and they no longer make Nokia branded phones.

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Luke Enno
Nokia is owned and run by a bunch of Finns. It all makes sense now.
Just A P39N
Nokia is making a comeback though.
Viktor Turtle
Its called Nokia not Nowkya 😂😂
Matt Parker
“They just don’t make cell phones anymore”
A few seconds later...
“And they still make cell phones...”
Yay 100 videos! You’ve come a long ways then when I first started watching you 2 years ago.
Chris KRK
Nokia makes Android smartphones now which are popular in Europe and some parts of Asia.
Carl The Bear
The decline of HTC?
Ranjan Biswas
Gadget Voice
I've used
Nokia 1600,
Nokia X2 ~ Java S40,
Nokia E63 ~ Symbian S60,
Nokia Lumia 520 ~ Windows Phone,
Nokia X, Nokia X2 ~ Nokia X software platform - forked version of Android,
Nokia 6 (2017) ~ Pure Android [using till now]
Artistic Endeavors
Hillary Clinton...she wrote a book about it.
Brian Waller
That's because is asia Nokia is like ford and gm combined
I have Nokia android now using it more than 3 years
tyler tech tips
i use a nokia
Case Henke
Nokia 3310 baby
jack bird
Still using my nOkia 100 today,. Btw its pronounced nOkia, or nåkia as we say here in scandinavia... And yes you can still buy a nOkia brick in norway for about $30ish.Mine got snake and a FM radio & the battery lst for about 14 days+++
Kevin Naidoo
Nokia symbian is the best os for its time. Even apple now is getting to the point where nokia was. Apple and samsung has set the bar so high now in today's world that it's slowly hurting them especially apple. They are not innovated as they used to be.
Can you do one about Blackberry?
Jack Black
The Nokia N8 was one if not the most popular Smartphone that "old Nokia" ever made. And yes it came with Symbian.

Symbian wasn't perfect but it definitely worked way better than Windows for phones did back then.

The Nokia Store had the most popular Apps and games from back then, and there was basically little difference in functionality compared to Android. Yes it had Angry Birds. In fact buying it to play Angry Birds was the reason I got that Smartphone.

Now, there is a huge difference that most people don't know about between the N8 and the N9 and is not that the N9 was more expensive and had a worse keyboard.

Nokia N9 ran a completely different Os that wasn't Symbian and wasn't compatible with it!

It was as if Microsoft released a version of Windows that couldn't run programs from any previous versions.

Meaning that with the N9, you had a phone with a better camera, a worse keyboard... and that didn't have all your favorite Apps and games you could run in the N8!

Nokia had a popular phone on the N8... but really screwed up with the N9 by making a change in Os.

And that was one of the reasons they lost to Apple and Android.

Dropping Symbian for things that were worse. The disaster that was
MeeGo and the disaster that was Windows for phones.

Is quite evidently Nokia big wigs had never used Windows Phones and then used Symbian phones to find out that yes Symbian worked way better. And that if they had the whole deal was done for money dear boy.
I have 3 generations of Nokia phone. Brick nokia 6000 series N97 and N9. Nokia N9 was the best phone I have ever used to this day. The meeGo Hartmann OS was better than Android or iOS. Stephen Elope is single handily the cause for the decline of nokia not the os.
I liked playing Snake. No mention of BlackBerry in this video??
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Nokia 9 Pureview Unboxing: Android The Decline of Nokia...What Happened? 2 days ago   07:16

The 5 camera Nokia 9 Pureview is here! Just days after its official announcement at MWC, the phone was made available locally and I got my hands on it. It's been a while since I've done an unboxing - even then, an unboxing of a Nokia phone - so let's get to it!

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