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The Decline Of Nokia...what Happened? | Nokia 9 Pureview Unboxing: Android - At Up-Tube.com

The Decline of Nokia...What Happened? Nokia 9 Pureview Unboxing: Android 4 months ago   11:35

Company Man
Nokia was once dominant over the cell phone market, nearing a 40% market share (compare that to today when the largest company has about 20% market share). Yet today, they're virtually nonexistent in the market. This video takes a look at the rise and fall of Nokia.

If you dig the old Nokia 3310 design, I recommend purchasing this: https://amzn.to/2Xmxef1 (affiliate)

If you want to buy one of their modern smartphones: https://amzn.to/2ZkRG1L (affiliate)

*To be clear, the Nokia company still exists today and is still fairly large, just much smaller than they once were and they no longer make Nokia branded phones.

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Blue overwatch
I loved windows phone. It just didn't shave any apps. I had the budget Lumia 635. It was a brick
I imagine the N-Gage also set them back a bit in 2003.
Bunch of old guys with mud in their eyes that didn't see the trends and ruined Nokia.
silvian basha
Man, you are pronouncing it wrong... its not a noKIA
john smith
You're pronouncing Nokia horribly. It's not NO-KEY-AH ...... Its KNOCK-EE-AH
Do you pronounce iPhone "IP-whoe-knee"
Rebecca Dsouza
In my country those Nokia bar phones are still pretty popular cause:
1.They are given to old people cause they serve the only functionality they need i.e calling.
2.They are given to kids when they are very young generally cause they're parents don't want them using a smartphone yet.
3.Also to people who are entirely against the use of smartphones (mostly middle aged people obviously), again they just want to be able to call.
4.To teenagers who have they're phone confiscated for whatever reason.
5.People who cannot afford a smartphone usually go for the cheapest alternative which is a Nokia but that is still pretty rare cause you get horrible androids for the same price.
Just saying these phone are still sold on AMAZON and all the retail cell phone stores.
Samsung is a lot more dominant that you put it actually, since they provided 30% of the iPhones components they're making a killing.
Alek Jan
Nokia refused to change when iPhone came around, and got too cocky thinking they own the world, and things needed to be done is they are actually done, saved you guys 11min
I have Nokia 6.1. It's good for the price, but boy it likes to get scratched.
Jim Y
my last Nokia phone was N9, but that was more of a fun-to--play with device, that was after I owned the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and a cheap HTC phone, I have to say that N9 was a good attempt, but it's destined to die because you can never catch up with Android's fully open source
Michael Imlay
35 here and never owned one. My first phone was the first T-Mobile SideKick (color version) which I used strictly for data, and had a motorola flip phone (not the razer) for voice through Cingulair. I always kept the phone from Cingulair, but didn't like the SideKick and eventually switched to a Windows Mobile phone from T-Mobile and used those types of devices up until the iPhone 3G came out which was the same time they released the App Store (first iPhone didn't have it at launch). Eventually went to the iPhone 4 then flipped over to Android for a couple of years until the iPhone 6 came out and swapped back and been using iPhone ever since. I still stay current with Android stuff, even have a Android tablet and spare phone, but never touch them as I personally don't like Android and Apple CarPlay is flipping awesome if you have a car that supports it. Plus my daughter, mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc all have iPhone so we all make use of iMessage, FaceTime, and other iOS only features.
I'm 21 and my frist phone was a crappy Nokia. It was tough as nails and I snaked the heck out of it.
Neil Lin
I miss my Nokia 6600 and 3310.
fel_hd_ draw
HTC and windows phone...
raquel munoz
Wait I thought I was talking about block buster???I’m old,so sorry🤪😎😇
raquel munoz
Ohmylanta, what a good memory. I wanted to cry when we lost our block buster.i though we were rich,since going there was the high light of our weekend.all other times we rented at a little place that had all the good ole stuff.BUT BLOCK BUSTER,wow that was a whole cool experience.you were somebody if you rented from them.ya know!!??? High end.ahh good by my friend.thanks for the memories of days gone by😇😎❤️😩
Mr Egusi
This video doesn't even mention MAEMO operating system that Nokia foolishly did not build on.

The MS executive (Elop?) was what killed Nokia.
vishal siranta
Watching this from nokia x7
grumpy old fart
I still use my nokia phone every day. I like the rotary dial.
Joe Elyahchouchi
I can see why microsoft made that deal, they bought a company for 7.5 billion that used to bring in 50 billion in revenue and 7 billion a year in net profits. They thought since the only problem was software that they could plug that hole and make money... If anything I wonder why that failed so quickly...
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Nokia 9 Pureview Unboxing: Android The Decline of Nokia...What Happened? 4 months ago   07:16

The 5 camera Nokia 9 Pureview is here! Just days after its official announcement at MWC, the phone was made available locally and I got my hands on it. It's been a while since I've done an unboxing - even then, an unboxing of a Nokia phone - so let's get to it!

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