Why It's Almost Impossible to Extract Inside Chinese tech giant 1 day ago   03:42

Wall Street Journal
Allies are under U.S. pressure to shun Huawei. But the company's prevalence in existing telecom networks and dominance in 5G technology make that nearly impossible. Illustration: Crystal Tai

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but if we kidnap not just their CFO but their CEO, CSO....they will eventually surrender.
Moon Jae-in
if you buy huawei devices,USA government cant spy you , so dont buy huawei devices
I love the animation.
Everyone knows US government is jealous to Huawei massive global dominant in technology.
"If you can't beat them, kidnap them."
Shoe's on the other foot now. USA's been spying on the world, and now China wants a piece of that sweet sweet international privacy invasion pie.
US is basically saying we are the only ones allowed to spy. china bad, lol
Every modern government spies, so the US is not telling us anything new. The US is the biggest spy anyway
Bee be Cee
Trade war advisors to the potus are super idiots.
Tak Tsing
"Does US do eavesdropping?"...."Well, you can have your answer from Snowden."
"Does China do eavesdropping?"..."Well, you might have your answer from US Government."
All these Chinese trolls in the comment section. Really brings shame to the country. Fun fact: they don’t teach critical thinking skills in schools in China, so these Internet trolls from China really can’t think for themselves.
Wall Street Journal. Please turn on your moniker replies. You forgot to mention why?
SHOTGIANT research spyware.

Claudiu Stian
Sexy animation style
Steven Wijaya
None of the countries in the world could compete on china's product affordability yet progressive improvement on quality.
Abu al-Sous
Very informative.. thx for sharing... however... i like to add

In 2010 to 2011... the NSA broke into Huawei's offices to steal backdoor way. That was disclosed by by WikiLeaks part of what Snowden disclose Therefore we should be scared from the US government as much as we should be scared from Chines companies BTW, US companies spy and steal from other companies If Huawei does anything remotely suspicious, we will know about it Actually we can demand code reviewing any upgrade to our systems The US is scared from because of security but because it might lose market dominance, which is a bunch of BS That is said, that doesn't imply we should't vigilant... no no.. we should trust... but verify. I hope we don't fall to fear mongers
Baidu Mel
Huawei advance 5 G equivalent to 8K HD TV ,, USA 3-4 G equivalent to your grandfather Black and White T V.
Go 6g skip 5g
So using your state apparatus to knock out competition to your domestic telecom companies isn’t sketchy and anti market economy model? lol. Seriously America, you’re getting more and more ridiculous everyday
wei, wei? It is Huawei or the highway
Ronnie O'Sullivan
US is already on the way of 6g which speed is 100 times compare to 5g .
Blaine Gabbert #GabOnEm #HOF #GOAT
won't be easy but you'll be glad when/if ww3 starts
Chinese domination is moving faster with the help of America publicity, American's equipment is expensive and not advance enough.5G is leading by China. It is laughable to claim Huawei steals u.s technology... ha ha
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Inside Chinese tech giant Why It's Almost Impossible to Extract 1 day ago   03:28

Tencent has quickly become Asia's largest publicly traded company. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi visited its new headquarters in China.


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