A First Look at Google Maps' Google Pixelbook: $1000 of Weird! 1 month ago   02:24

Wall Street Journal
Navigation apps are learning to use your camera to locate you far better than GPS ever could—and give you better directions to wherever you're headed. To test an early version of Google's AR mapping features, WSJ's David Pierce takes an augmented walk in San Francisco. Photo/Video: Emily Prapuolenis

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luca mazzola
It’s amazing 👍🏻
2:03 they say sorry back
David Motyka
Why can’t Google and Apple merge?
Hitesh J
Humans really not capable of asking for some directions on their own and get to the place they want to go? Is this really necessary? Looks depressing. Preserve traditional approaches. Tech giants gotta stop making humans function more stupid for their own profit.
better i would ask for direction to some human being, tecnology will and is dumbing down everyone. We are better than "control tecnologies", but thanks
Flash Snaps
How do I get this one my s9?
Andre Scarcia
That's not new , Microsoft did it in 2016 with Windows phone ...
Andy Flint
The comment section never fails
ja df
How much battery by using this feature?.. using the cam might drain the battery before you reach your destination...
Carl Dupnt
Awesome! Finally walking directions for the masses.
Was that Emily at 0:38 ?
Kalmilon yweng
Had some pkemon go vubes from the thumbnail
Bert Vuylsteke
What phone is he using?
h l
Are we so retarded now that we cant know how to get about a city with a map in our hands?
What happens when the apps stop working? Everyone will look around completely lost lol. And I will be on the corner selling yall photocopied maps of Manhattan for $10!
More road accident to come
Ryan lex
Google just copy nokia and micosoft ideas😂😂😂
Egg Saitama
Guess there is no such thing as asking for directions -_-
lul google caught up to mercedes haha
Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex
I thought Pokémon Go was dead
Steven Chen
I feel like we're getting more stupid every year. on a normal sunny day(not snowing or raining), most people should be able to look at the google map for 1/2 minute, determine which side is north, and get a good sense of where your destination is, and able to get there 90% through before looking at the app again. However, it seems like simple stuff is getting tougher for us every passing day.
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Google Pixelbook: $1000 of Weird! A First Look at Google Maps' 1 month ago   07:34

Pixelbook is a $1000 2-in-1 laptop/tablet and it's super weird.
Google Pixelbook (i5): http://amzn.to/2hX8yr5
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Intro Track: Drugs by Alltta