Minuteman: On patrol with the self-proclaimed Kids living in Tijuana are going 5 months ago   02:38

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Some Americans have little sympathy for the plight or the dreams of more than 7,000 Central American migrants living in squalor on the Mexican border, hoping to get into the US. Among those trying to keep them out are the self-appointed "Minutemen"'
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AlexTremo DelNorte
Where do I sing up?
He is a patriot, he does serve his country.

It is an “invasion”. 400,000 or so foreign nationals snuck in across the border last year. That’s roughly the population of Cleveland!! People my not notice because they are spread around the country but hundreds of thousands of people flooding in year after year breaking our immigration laws constitutes a really big problem.

They are coming in caravans numbering in the thousands, mostly military age men waving THEIR countries flag as they march.

And then you see the violent left wingers attacking Trump supporters, burning the American flag and carrying around the flag of other countries. This is one of the biggest problems that illegal immigration causes, millions of people living in America with their allegiance clearly with their native country.
Robert Flores
These old retired Wifeless vets (minutemen) only patrol the Border to take down drug mules and resell the drug load they obtain. This is how they support their movement and how they are happy...guns, alcohol, Viagra and hookers. Because no way a damn dude living and sleeping on the border has a job!
Hope trump subpoena this national hero. If the government doesn't control it borders its up to its citizens. By the way I know tyt doesn't like actual facts, but this civil miltia handed over the illegal aliens to the border control. So the worked pretty close with each other bordering areas which border control wasn't able the have boots on the ground.
Cia put drugs in minorities neighborhoods. White killed most native Americans, white man steal black people and make slaves, white man crazy and evil. All problems in world today cause of white man. White man is the problem
Laura Barnes
It's time for all of us to do this! Period. We can get 5 million people on this border and stop this in one day. # longlivepointpatriot
G Romero
It seems like he doesn't know what poverty is ..people is escaping violence and ends up being kidnapped at the USA border ..shame on vigilantes you can't preach freedom if you denied
Crazy people with uncentered anger
Kevan Norin
How did your open border refuge program work out for you Fritz?
danna Espinosa
Just let him be at least he's looking out.border patrol don't seem to do it
Karen Green
Thank you for your devotion in keeping the border secure. Build That Wall!
DW are you going to say America has been on a good path for 40 years? I think not. We are getting destroyed from the inside.
Randy Brindle
if I lived along the border , I would be doing the same damn thing...I would protect my family , my home and my country...Proud of you sir...I do not see you as a vigilante at all,,,,you are one of America's hero's...
sharon eldridge
Need more people like him
sharon eldridge
Thank you sir 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏽👍🏽😇
Holly White
We have now two dead and two raped so is that the America you live in where they do that. By the way it's a violation of the Floris act for most and for all. When Senator are not allowed to speak to them something very bad is happening. Today I learned that there were 5 little ones that drowned trying to go back. and if you want to confirm that it was where BETO was at today a Catholic priest perform the ceremony. In San Juan
The 7 hertz
He should keep an eye on the Jewish community and how they’re prostituting America the land of the Native Indian Americans.
Old, bald fat man
Dec. 5, 2018---Don't think I've seen this or any others like it on main stream news media. Golly, wonder why? !-)
Holly White
We have laws FEDERAL laws for asylum seeker. These guys are white supremacists and are dangerous, because of that.
Nightcore Tuner
USA need people like this man
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Kids living in Tijuana are going Minuteman: On patrol with the self-proclaimed 5 months ago   17:48

The best way to assess the impact of the U.S. immigration policy on children of deported parents is to spend the day with them. That’s according to child welfare and human rights authorities.

Some U.S.-born children living in Mexico now cross the border into the U.S. each day to continue their education. They often rise from bed as early as 3 a.m. to make the trek - shouldering not just their book bags but feelings of confusion and insecurity.

Correspondent Mike Kirsch takes us on their daily journey to the classroom.

U.S.-born children of deported parents can also attend school in Mexico. A large number of them, however, do not read and write in Spanish. That has put a strain on the Mexican education system and in many cases has caused students to be held back.

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