Easily restore headlight with 8 Fun & Unique Cake Decoration Hacks 2 months ago   07:24

Banshee Moon
Easily restore headlight with baking soda and vinegar a how-to video.

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Restore headlight with baking soda and vinegar. Clean headlights. Here are much sexier headlight cleaning https://up-tube.com/upvideo/_ce1S8zCE0H

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Jackie 371
Didn't work for my headlights. Mine is on the inside & the headlight is a whole unit, so I can't get to mine. It did a good job of taking the bird poop off the hood.
Ponce Rican
Get a tube of cheap baking soda toothpaste from the dollar store, apply some toothpaste dabs to an area of the headlamp, rub it around in a circular motion with a damp hand towel, do this to the whole lamp. Wash the lamp and clean it with window cleaner after.
Thanks from New Jersey. Restored my 1997 Ford truck headlights, they look like new and made the truck look a lot better too.
Kelly Black
Won't last after a week
Seems effective! Thank You! Plastic headlights are bullshit!
Loi Monet
WOW!!! I am really blown away!!! Thank you so very much for this video. I just got through watching a video on cleaning high lights, however they were using an, “AS SEEN ON TV” product and charging $19.99 for a little box. Sure it may be convenient because everything is supplied in the box, however if one has just plain vinegar and baking soda, it’s more economical to use what you have at home. That’s what I thought essentially to myself. There’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few $$$, especially in these days and ages. So I do have these products and I will definitely give this a to clean my head lights, because they are yellow as the sun. Thank you so very much, once again. God Bless!!!
Kevin Kelly
I tried it this morning, it actually works, super impressed.
Ken Peterson
What parts baking soda to what parts vinegar?
Thalia Mendoza
This really works i just my headights with thid and it worksss♡ Saddly theres like dirtyness from inside the headlights but rather than that the outside is clean. Thankyouuu,i did the toothpaste idea on my pt cruiser didnt work.so i came across your video and did it on my moms 300 and its worksss.i had to use some man power and vigouressly scrub with my microfiber clothe as if my arm was gonna fall off but it did the job. thankyou♡ and heres a Tip dont use windex i just used water and soap,water and soap.
your highness
Wish you could clean teeth like this
John W
Thanks, great review.
Sam Liedtke
I’ve never seen such a surprisingly passionate comments section.
Aww what a cute frog. (Cute as long as their on YouTube, I'm scared of them, lol) If I had been out doing this to my headlamp, and noticed the frog, I would've jumped, lol. For some reason tree frogs love my backdoor solar light. The sound of the dove, is so relaxing.
Leo Retilus
Lol, vinegar removes oxidation for one reason, cause its acidic, baking soda for another cause its abrasive, why mix the two? The vinegar method works cause you soak for an hour, it does its thing, then you can buff with baking soda to get even clearer, one is a chemical reaction the other is a mechanical action...
The question remains - what is the best way to keep the lenses from fogging over AGAIN? Is a wax good enough or do you need a Rustoleum clean paint spray?
charmain killoran
This only works if they are not too yellowed. I tried it on my car that is 20 years old...it didn't do anything! I then tried the headlight restore kit...it worked well but didn't last long. Had to renew them in the end. I agree the glass headlights were by far the best.
Lesa Barnard
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Lesa Barnard
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Mickster Mouseter
Once you have your headlight lenses cleaned up, you can spray paint them with clear lacquer that has UV blocker in it. This will help stop the lenses from yellowing again. OR you can apply the lacquer before they are discolored and avoid having to scrub them clean in the future. Be sure to clean all oils off the lenses first and mask all areas around the lenses so you don't get over spray on your painted parts.
Ryan Hutchison
Use a little wd40 .
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8 Fun & Unique Cake Decoration Hacks Easily restore headlight with 2 months ago   10:56

Cake - what a wonderful way to treat yourself and others. Everybody loves them, kids, adults, pandas - you name it!
This time Hungry Panda is showing you 8 amazing ways to make & decorate cake! From a lava shooting volcano to a beehive filled with buzzing bees, check out all the crazy things we turned into delicious cake!

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