Game of Thrones without the special Game of Thrones From Oldest 6 months ago   03:29

So dragons aren’t real then. But then in Game of Thrones nothing seems to be real, even down to the windows!
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The following clips take all that away and give you an insight into the incredible special effects used in HBO’s hit TV show…yes it includes a bear and a man pretending to be a dragon.

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The quality of great Actors,,, to make people believe which is not real...
Enkhjin Bayaraa Chonos
Next few years there will not be any actors and real stuffs, all cast and other things will be made by computer graphics. Necessities could only be faces of actors or actresses that are sold by agents, and also their voices.
yaphe hair consult
Woooow the editing team did an wonderful job. Kudos guys.. 👏👏👏👏
Game of Green Stuff
Rajnish Kumar
Salute to the today's technology, ye sb cheeje to hm sapne me bhi image ni kr skte jo aap log hme screen pe dikhaa dete thanks a lot🙏🙏
waseem azam
Game of vfx.😂
La verdad es que es algo feo actuar así (mi opinión :D)
Vanou Sisi
Being an actor in such movie it's acting as if you are crazy because you imagine things that you don't see at all
Jeremiah Stewart
I have been lied too!
Étoile du Loup
Ça m'a brisée le cœur 😭
Sorry I don't really know speak english
Yugal Sharma
0;28 i cant stop laughing
Blue Shark
Disappointing lol I was so into it tha my heart was pounding
Truth Peace
The bear was real though!
To jak w życiu!
Aneez Husain
Good work for the whole team its very difficult to shoot and edit 8Seasons
Mother of dragons was actually mother of balls... 😳
Subin Ninan Alex
The wall .....😳😳😳😳😳
So, the bear loves whipped cream ^^
d a n y
and still there are people who loves shitting on emilia clarke's acting
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Game of Thrones From Oldest Game of Thrones without the special 6 months ago   16:31

Game of Thrones cast From Oldest to Youngest

In this video I will show you the actors of the hbo show: game of thrones, starting with the oldest moving down to the younger ones.

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Game of Thrones name and age,
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Emilia Clarke,
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Maisie Williams,
Peter Dinklage,
Alfie Allen,
Jon and Deanarys,
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Jon Snow,
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Season 8,
Night King

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