Eagles vs. Giants Week 6 Highlights Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings 2 weeks ago   10:44

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the New York Giants during Week 6 of the 2018 NFL season.

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jahmari stephens
The giants are so ass they coach can’t coach bro fire this man drop the whole team
DJ Jacrispy
Why does the thumbnail show him wearing #22 but he wears #26
Utjiua Tjavara
Horrible is an understatement Giants what's going on
Donnell Smith
Eli is the type of quarterback that would throw the ball behind your back and gets mad for not catching it 😂😂
It sucks that Barkley has to play for a team as bad as the giants
Jarred D. Mason
No sportsmanship....
Jarred D. Mason
Love sports & sportsmanship.
Pain Elemental
I hope the XFL can save this sport
Ray McKenzie
Manning is trash
Randall Bong
Why do the giants have on away colors?
At least the NYG are good sprinters - sprinting to the bottom of the league (again).
greg west
Giants fan i know this erzt
Ace Williams
Barkley has some Payton in him.
Dee West
Sb a beast
Colton Wes
Eventually they going to put flag football just for the quarterback
always bring a towel
Saquon is going to be the Barry Sanders of our generation if he stays on this atrocious Giants team
Evan Patterson
Just came to see the giants lose..again
James Spiegel
1:45 my guy u cant drop back 9 yards and not expect to get sacked
Georgi crisafulli
"There's Barkley " no flag..............zone ay ay ay
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Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings Eagles vs. Giants Week 6 Highlights 2 weeks ago   09:44

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